New NFL rule restricts who can celebrate on the field

NFL celebrations will be a little bit smaller next season.

On-field group celebrations can now only include the players in uniform, the league’s competition committee ruled, according to Pro Football Talk.  Players who do come off the sideline will be required to wear a helmet.

The group had considered not allowing any players to leave the sideline to join in, but chose to tweak the rule instead. Celebrations must still last 40 seconds at most, the new rule says.

“What started to happen is we had everybody and their family came on the field to celebrate,” Al Riveron, the NFL’s senior vice president of officiating, said during the league’s officiating clinic over the weekend. “. . .The rule now says if you’re not an actively dressed member of the 46-man squad, you cannot come onto the field to celebrate. Again, you must be active and dressed to come on to celebrate, and you’ve still got to do it within the 40 seconds.”

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