Model turned boxer Avril Mathie suffers gruesome injury with bone poking out of leg after being hit by motorbike | The Sun

AVRIL MATHIE has shown the gruesome injury she sustained after being hit by a motorbike.

The accident left her with some of her shin bone sticking out of her leg.

The model-turned-boxer uploaded pictures of the brutal injury onto Instagram.

However, the Australian OnlyFans model has taken the ordeal as a positive as she admitted that the fact her leg did not fully break makes her feel strong.

Despite the gruesome nature of the injury, Avril was back up and running less than two weeks later.

She wrote: "Sometimes I feel weak or sad and then I remember the time a motorbike ran into my leg and couldn’t even break my shin.


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 "It is still to this day the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life, and yet I was running hills again 10 days later 💪🏽.

"Shoutout to years of Muay Thai training making my shins into steel poles 😉."

In the post, the boxer also added context to her recovery which showed how she had to shower without getting the wound wet.

Avril also included how she was still going out dancing until getting the stitches out.

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Once that process was complete she was back in training with hill sprints in Mykonos, Greece.

She has just shy of 300k followers on Instagram and plenty of them were shocked by the injury she sustained.

One fan said: "It hurts just to look! Kick ass and drive on!"

A second wrote: "That’s awesome!!! Not that you got struck with a motorbike but the way you bounced back. We need stronger women like you."

A third commented: "You're nuts lol… in a good way. Ouch."

While a fourth added: "Brutal glad you didn't break love ❤️❤️."

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