McGregor channels his inner Steve Jobs in advert for Proper Twelve

Conor McGregor channels his inner Steve Jobs in HILARIOUS parody advert for his whiskey brand Proper Twelve… as Irish UFC star dresses like the Apple co-founder to launch new drink flavour

  • Conor McGregor starred in a new advert for his whiskey brand Proper Twelve 
  • The Irish UFC star parodied an announcement ceremony similar to Apple’s own
  • McGregor’s whiskey brand revealed their own ‘apple liqueur’ in the advert

Conor McGregor has released a hilarious advert for his whiskey brand Proper Twelve, where the Irish UFC star parodied the announcement ceremonies held by tech-giants Apple.

McGregor, 34, has not stepped foot inside the octagon since his horrific leg-break against Dustin Poirier in 2021 and it seems he’s put a lot of his focus into Proper Twelve recently. 

On top of starring in the latest Road House remake and agreeing to be a coach in the UFC’s upcoming Ultimate Fighter, McGregor has also helped develop a new ‘apple liqueur’ for his whiskey brand and announced it in extraordinary fashion.

In the hilarious advert, the Irishman said: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.

‘In 2018 we introduced Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey, a rich and smooth blend of triple distilled malt and grain aged for four years in bourbon barrels.’

Irish UFC star Conor McGregor appeared in a new advert for whiskey brand Proper Twelve

The Dublin native took centre stage to promote the brand’s latest ‘apple liqueur’ flavour

McGregor had hinted at the parody advert just days before via a Tweet on his social media

‘Well now we have a new revolutionary product. This is Proper No. Twelve Irish Apple, a blend of award-winning Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey with notes of crisp and juicy Irish apple.’

‘Ladies and gentlemen, there is no other apple liqueur that tastes like this,’ adds McGregor. ‘It’s a bit of Irish apple magic that can only come from a story distillery.

‘And with several convenient bottle sizes, Proper No. Twelve Irish Apple is now available for weddings, funerals, fight nights and a round of shots for the entire pool.

‘Best of all, ladies and gentlemen, it’s on the shelves right now – just in time for St Patrick’s Day. How do you like them apples?’

Throughout the video, McGregor can be seen wearing a black turtle neck – similar to what Apple co-founder Steve Jobs used to wear – as he parodies the tech-giants presentation style. 

The American entrepreneur regularly featured in Apple presentation ceremonies for their latest products and would appear in a similar turtle neck rather frequently. 

Jobs – who was the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple – passed away at the age of 56 following a respiratory arrest in 2011.

McGregor (R) wore a similar turtle neck that Steve Jobs used to wear in Apple presentations

The Irishman revealed that the liqueur will come in ‘several convenient bottle sizes’

McGregor, who hasn’t fought for nearly two years, is preparing to make a return to the octagon after it was confirmed he’ll be a coach in the upcoming ‘Ultimate Fighter’ series. 

There were huge doubts over whether McGregor would ever return to the sport again but he looks set to make a comeback later this year against Michael Chandler. 

Before their bout, the pair will be the coaches for season 32 of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, a knockout team tournament for young fighters which will run from May 30 to August 15.

In a special announcement made on Saturday, White said: ‘We just confirmed the coaches for season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter. Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler will go head-to-head as coaches of The Ultimate Fighter.’

McGregor will make his return to the octagon later this year in a fight with Michael Chandler 

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