Mayweather’s 60-day prison hell as he survived on Snickers, paid gangsters for protection and feared jailer was out to get him – The Sun

FLOYD MAYWEATHER needed to pay for protection and constantly moaned about conditions during his 2012 prison stay, it has been claimed.

The boxing great was sentenced to 90 days behind bars after pleading guilty to a to a domestic violence charge involving his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his son Josie Harris.

And Mayweather, who had his sentence delayed so he could fight Miguel Cotto on Cinco de Mayo, apparently struggled to cope after being cut off from his lavish lifestyle.

Sports on Earth has unearthed prison records that include letters from Mayweather and reports by prison guards which reveal the problems Money had while behind bars, which included poor food, a lack of exercise and fears for his safety.

In one extract, he fumes: "There is seven days in a week and I only get five hours out of my cell and that's unfair. This is my third time writing asking to be moved.

"My mind is not the same. I've lost weight I am stressed out I can't work out and I need some type of exercise."

Where did he think he was going, The Four Seasons?

Mayweather reportedly threatened to sue after being told a rib injury was not serious by the prison doctor.

And he also complained that a guard had it out for him – leading to his yard time being axed.

An officer wrote: "When I approached his cell to see what was his problem, he stated to me that he felt that I, for some reason, had it out for him.

"He told me that he felt I disliked him. I explained to him that I didn't have an opinion of him either way and that I'm trying to ensure that policies are being followed.

"He looked me in the eye and told me that when he gets out of jail, he won't forget me. I then asked him if that was a threat. He said, 'I didn't say I was going to hurt you did I?'"

The report even claims Mayweather tried to secure a release because the food was not good enough only for a judge to blast: "It's jail. Where did he think he was going, The Four Seasons?"

The 50-0 boxer reportedly shunned cafeteria food – preferring instead to eat snickers, noodles and beef jerky in a huge shift from his usual diet.

But he soon picked up the ways of life in jail with a guard appearing to note the boxer was paying for protection: "Last night while inmate Mayweather #1363917 was out for his scheduled free time he yelled up to inmate [Paul] Lopez #1532142 and said, 'I'm putting $500 on your books, thanks for looking out."

Mayweather was released 30 days early for good behaviour and was greeted by an entourage including family members and rapper pal 50 Cent.

He went on to earn hundreds of millions of pounds and consistently boasts of his playboy lifestyle and shows off his, jewellery and car collections, as well as his Las Vegas strip club.


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