Logan Paul spars all FOUR of NFL star Rob Gronkowski's 'massive' brothers at same time to prepare for Floyd Mayweather

LOGAN PAUL sparred with all FOUR of NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski's 'massive' brothers as part of his pre-Floyd Mayweather preparations.

The American YouTuber, 26, is gearing up for his monster fight with 50-0 legend Money.

And Paul decided to take on four 'huge humans' in Gronkowski's sports-mad brothers in preparation.

Glenn, Dan, Chris and Gordie have all played in the NFL, except for the latter, who was a baseball star.

And all four even received some pro boxing training from legends Winky Wright and Antonio Tarver.

But 3-0 Paul decided to challenge himself by taking on the Gronkowskis – with current American Football ace Rob refereeing.

Paul told TMZ: "I'm f**king 6ft 2in, 200 pounds and I go in there and all of Rob's brothers are towering over me.

"They're all taller than me vertically, they're all wider than me horizontally… these are huge humans.

"Honestly, I walked in and I was like. 'Alright, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna kick their a** but I cannot get hit obviously.'

"They don't know how to box but they got some power and if they hit me, that could be it, man!"


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Paul went on to say Gronkowski would have have a real shot of making it as a pro boxer if he decided to swap the gridiron for the ring.

The YouTuber said: "Anyone with Rob's height and size and power… if he just dedicated himself to it, then yeah [he could make it as a boxer].

"[Rob] pulled me off his brothers once or twice, and I was literally like 'Holy f***, this guy is strong, dude.

"I was like bro, he tossed me. I felt powerless."

But for now Gronkowski seems happy just to referee, chiming in: "I was the official referee… and good thing I was the official referee.

"My referring skills were pretty legit, 12 out of 10!"

Earlier this week, Paul confirmed he would pocket a staggering £14million for his June 6 fight in Miami with 44-year-old Mayweather.

That means he will receive less than a fifth of Money's reported purse, which is said to be a lucrative £72m.

The American's clash with Paul will not go down on his professional record as it is an exhibition.

In the first press conference for the fight last week, Mayweather and Logan's brother Jake – who is a 3-0 pro boxer – became involved in a brawl.

Jake grabbed Mayweather's hat off his head, an act which prompted Mayweather to try and retaliate, but the melee of people managed to break it up.

On the altercation, Logan said: "When you have a guy with the resources and the wealth that Floyd Mayweather has and the connection and the network and he's saying s***, 'I'mma kill that motherf***er' – kill? Death?

"You're gonna kill my brother over a f***ing hat? Yo, we take that s*** seriously man!"

Mayweather has also been linked with a fight against Jake after he takes on Logan.

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