Logan Paul gets fans to chant ‘JJ has no d***’ as KSI press conference descends into farce – The Sun

LOGAN PAUL encouraged the Las Vegas crowd to chant "JJ has no d***" as his press conference with KSI descended into a farce.

The pair of Youtubers will square up for a second time on November 9 following their amateur bout 13 months ago.

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn has this time ensured it will be a professional affair after the initial scrap sold 1.4m PPV’s on YouTube.

There was no love lost in Sin City as Brit KSI, otherwise known as JJ, and his American rival were involved in a bizarre series of cringe-worthy insults.

Both Youtubers will be hoping their boxing is better than their trash talk.

At one point Logan says: "Where's your personality go? Where's it gone? It's not existent… like your d***."

Logan then chants 'JJ has no d***' on five occasions which was echoed by a few people in the crowd.

KSI responds: "Go and ask your mum. Your mum is right there, go and ask her."

Logan turns around and asks his mum, in which she comes onto the mic and says: "No."

Hearn is right to quickly step in and end the debate to prevent any further embarrassment to both fighters.

KSI did manage to land a cheap shot of his own when he took the mick out of Logan's dead dog named Kong.

His puppy was taken by a coyote from Logan's front garden earlier this year and disappeared without trace.

He said: "In this fight, you're going to be Kong and I'm going to be the coyote."

Logan responds: "That's f***** up. You just ruined my day. That's my dog."

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