Katarina Johnson-Thompson was in 'ROBOT mode' to win gold in Budapest

Katarina Johnson-Thompson was in ‘ROBOT mode’ as she produced a career-best 800m performance to win the world heptathlon title in Budapest

  • Katarina Johnson-Thompson reclaimed her world heptathlon title on Sunday
  • The Team GB athlete has bounced back from injury to become world champion
  • Johnson-Thompson produced a career-best 800m performance to take gold

Katarina Johnson-Thompson said she was in ‘full robot mode’ as she unleashed a lifetime best over 800m to reclaim the world heptathlon title.

The 30-year-old revealed that her coach, Aston Moore, had instructed her to keep chief rival Anna Hall within 20 metres throughout the final event, which led to Johnson-Thompson blasting through the opening lap in 60 seconds.

She said: ‘Normally I’d think, “This is fast, you’re going to die, slow down,” but I just went with it. That was the easiest race. I wasn’t thinking.’

Johnson-Thompson knew she would win gold if she finished within two seconds of Hall, who is the better 800m runner.

‘The last person you want to compete against in the 800m is Anna Hall. She will die trying.’

Katarina Johnson-Thompson said she was in ‘full robot mode’ as she reclaimed the world heptathlon title

Johnson-Thompson produced a career-best 800m performance to win gold in Budapest

With Hall clocking 2:04.09, the Briton claimed an 800m PB of 2:05.63s — ‘a dream time’. Having ruptured her achilles in 2020 and torn her calf at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, did she think she could ever win another world title? ‘No, I didn’t,’ she admitted. 

‘To not win because of injury is one thing, but to not win because of just bad performances is another. 

‘Last year I came eighth and I wanted to medal. That’s the truth: I believed I could win.’

She paid special tribute to Moore, adding: ‘He has believed in me, he has been that person in my ear saying, “You’ve got this”. I owe everything to him and the rest of my coaches.’

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