Joe Cullen makes ‘lazy’ admission after storming into Premier League contention

Joe Cullen has certainly made his mark in his first experience of the Premier League and stands on the brink of making the play-offs in Berlin.

After winning the penultimate night of the regular season at London’s O2, victory over Peter Wright in Newcastle next week will ensure he is in the final four in Berlin on June 13.

Prior to 2022, The Rockstar had been forced to watch the darting roadshow from afar, hoping to be involved one day. Now he has joined the party, he has a newfound respect for the players who have been part of it for years, even when they miss the odd week.

“I’m loving it. The travel is a lot. I now appreciate what the boys have done over the last few years,” he told Online Darts TV. “I used to think, when the boys pulled out of certain events, that they were lazy. I obviously know that’s not the case now.

“It’s so constant and every Premier League [night] is followed by a European Tour [event]. I’m looking forward to getting it over and done with. I’d love to be in the play-offs but if it’s not the case, I’ve really enjoyed my time.”

Cullen is on the brink of making the play-offs despite, by his own admission, putting in some embarrassing performances at times.

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“I’ve been so erratic this year,” he said after his triumph in London. “There’s been no B-game, it’s been either A or C, it’s been that bad. At times I think I’ve embarrassed myself. Maybe I’ve been trying too hard.

“If you look at the night I won before in Rotterham, I wasn’t great, I just ground out results. I’ve added that to my game, I’ve shown I can grind results out rather than just blow people away.

“This week, I’ve had a bit of downtime. With losing early in Prague [at the Czech Open], I’ve had a bit more downtime and I’ve not really practiced this week. I’ve come in, knowing I needed a result, and I’ve shown I’ve got the balls and I got the win.”

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