Jets’ Marcus Maye gives us the ‘Butt Interception’ eight years after ‘Buttfumble’

Safety Marcus Maye made one of the Jets’ only highlight plays of the game. Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick tried to throw deep to Preston Williams early in the fourth quarter, but Maye made an acrobatic interception where the ball ended up resting on his backside. From the team that brought you the Buttfumble, it was the Butt Interception.

“I just read the route, just doing what I’m coached, just playing ball, see the ball in the air and go get it,” Maye said. “They tried to set that move up a couple of times earlier in the game. I was just waiting on it, being patient, and Fitz finally threw it, and I was there ready for it.”

Maye played more free safety on Sunday after playing strong safety to start the year. Free safety is where he had played for most of his career before this year when the Jets moved him to replace Jamal Adams. Bradley McDougald moved to strong safety Sunday.

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