Jake Paul opens door to sensational fight with brother Logan but admits their parents 'don't want it to happen at all'

JAKE PAUL is still open to a sensational fight with his brother Logan but admitted their parents 'don't want it to happen at all'.

The pair initially found success alongside each other on social media, starting on Vine and also shared a stint acting on Disney Channel.

But their superstardom came through YouTube, where their channels have rivalled one another.

Their competitive nature has continued into the boxing ring, leaving both contemplating an unprecedented fight against each other.

They know it would merge their fanbases together and make undeniable success financially.

But still, they do not have the backing from their biggest supporters – mum Pamela and dad Greg.

Jake, 24, told SunSport: "They don't want it to happen at all, but who knows? I think it would be interesting.

"Even in the gym when we're training together there's always like a who's better vibe going around.

"Sometimes we'll spar against the same person and you can see how we compete against that same person.

"But you don't really know how we match up. It's very interesting and who knows? It might happen one day."


The Pauls both began their boxing journeys on the same night on August 25, 2018 in Manchester.

Logan, 26, drew in an exhibition with Brit KSI, 27, whose brother 'Deji' was beaten by Jake.

One year later, KSI won the rematch by split-decision as the two controversially turned pro.

Jake followed, and has boxed the most, with three knockouts in as many fights, most recently against retired UFC welterweight Ben Askren, 36.

Logan is now lined up with an exhibition against Floyd Mayweather, 44, on June 6 in Miami, where the two came face-to-face for the first time.

The brothers were involved in an ugly melee after Jake stole the boxing legend's hat, and claimed Mayweather's security punched him in the face.

As the siblings brawled together, it proved their bond is inseparable, despite years of competing against each other.

Jake said: "It is a friendly competition and I came to the realisation the reason we feud with each other but are also best friends is because he's my only competition.

"If my brother wasn't here then who would Jake Paul be competing with? I'd be the biggest, most talked about YouTuber.

"I'd be the biggest, most talked about prizefighter and I'd be the most successful entrepreneur that has come from the social media space.

"He's the only one I have to compete with where it's like, 'Oh, damn he's doing as bigger fights as me. Oh, damn he's just as talked about as me'.

"We're each others only competitors and that's what drives us but that's what also can pit us against each other."

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