Jake Paul BETTER than brother Logan but should expect tough fight against ex-UFC star Tyron Woodley, says Rashad Evans

JAKE PAUL is better than his brother Logan, said Rashad Evans as he warned Tyron Woodley to expect a 'tough fight' against the YouTuber.

Woodley faces Jake on August 28 and will become the social media star's fourth professional opponent.

The American influencer is 3-0 in his career, all by knockout, and will take in both a weight and height advantage.

Evans, 41, also warned his fellow ex-UFC champion that he is fighting the better Paul brother, but backed Woodley, 39, to win regardless.

He told ESPN: “This one is tough for me because my heart is with Tyron.

“I really, really want Tyron to win. But I think that this Jake kid, I think he’s got a little something. I think he’s better than his brother.

"I think Jake is better than his brother and I think he may punch a little bit harder than his brother. He may be a little faster and things like that too.

“So I think it may be a little bit of a tough fight because of the fact he’s going to be a little bigger than Tyron, but I can’t see Tyron losing.

“I really can’t see Tyron losing. This Tyron that is being engaged right now, I think that this is the Tyron that can go out there and show that he’s the Tyron that he’s always been, that he is the five-time defending world UFC champ, and all those things.

"Tyron’s got power, Tyron’s got hand skills, Tyron’s got all of those things.


"So it’s just a matter of if Tyron doesn’t allow himself to be so caught up in the whole theatrics of it all, to get his mind away from what he needs to do inside the ring.”

Paul's last win was a first-round KO over Woodley's old training partner Ben Askren, 36, in April.

But Askren was two years retired and a renowned grappler with limited striking skills.

Paul, 24, also has victories against online rival 'AnEsonGib' and basketball player Nate Robinson, 37.

His brother Logan, 26, meanwhile drew and lost to British YouTuber KSI, 28, the rematch being his pro debut.

But in early June, he took boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, 44, the distance in an exhibition bout, avoiding a KO loss.

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