Here’s Bill Walton On Jay-Z, The Pacific Northwest, And Ex-Idaho Sen. Larry Craig’s “Wide Stance”

Gonzaga played Washington last night. It was a pretty good game! Rui Hachimura hit a foul-line jumper with less than a second left to give the Bulldogs the win. But, obviously, this exciting 81-79 game was overshadowed by Bill Walton’s announcing, who was working with play-by-play announcer Dave Pasch. He pontificated on many subjects, including:

  • Former Sen. Larry Craig’s “wide stance”
  • Whether Pasch went to high school in a building
  • “Japan, the land of the red sun rising”
  • An obvious foul he called “absolutely terrible”
  • Why Jay-Z doesn’t go to Washington basketball games but Washington basketball players still go to Jay-Z concerts

He also spent about 30 seconds talking about the U.S. government paying Woody Guthrie to write songs promoting hydroelectric dams in the Pacific Northwest. (What a gig!) After Walton’s long rant, Pasch returned to the game with the phrase “in local news.” It was great.

You can watch some Walton broadcasting highlights above.

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