Grand National 2023 sweepstake: Download your FREE essential kit

Grand National 2023 sweepstake: Download and print off MailOnline’s essential kit for the year’s biggest race

Sponsored by Paddy Power

Get yourself ready for this year’s Grand National with Mail Sport’s sweepstake kit, provided by Paddy Power. It’s the perfect way for you and your friends to get involved in the much-anticipated race. 

Simply print out our sheet, then cut the names of the horses into individual pieces of paper, fold them and put them into a hat ahead of the showpiece on Saturday, April 15 – when the race will get underway at 5.15pm UK time. 

Once you’re ready, you can start your own sweepstake at work, at home or down the pub. Charge as much as you like per entry (or as much as people are willing to pay). 

Get people to pay their entry fee, draw a horse from the hat at random, and write down who each player got on the corresponding ticket (it saves some unnecessary debate later!).

Obviously, you’re free to split the winnings how you wish, but make sure all the money is paid out in prizes. We suggest winner takes all!

It was Noble Yeats, steered by amateur rider Sam Waley-Cohen, who claimed victory in the 2022 Grand National, and the eight-year-old horse is once again the favourite to prevail. But will you get lucky with your pick?

Just CLICK HERE to download your copy to print out. 

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