Gerwyn Price takes selfie with John Fury as duo labelled ‘hardest men in the UK’

Darts star Gerwyn Price shared a selfie he took with John Fury – the father of boxing world champion Tyson – at the Gypsy King's fight with Dillian Whyte last year. The Welshman uploaded the photo to Instagram as the pair both beamed for the camera.

The 2021 darts world champion took the photo while at Box Park at Wembley prior to Fury’s successful title defence against Whyte last April. Fans responded in the comments with one describing the pair as the “two hardest men in the UK.”

Another user proceeded to ask if the duo took to the oche. “Tough bloke Gezzy John is, did he ask for any darts practice sessions??” they said. Meanwhile, another follower used the word the WBC boxing heavyweight champion made famous as he described the duo. “Two big dossers,” they wrote, followed by laughing emojis.

The pair are certainly not to be messed with, especially the elder Fury, who is a former boxer and last year tore off his shirt and confronted Jake Paul in Dubai. He was enraged when Paul called out his son Tommy at ringside after his exhibition bout on the Floyd Mayweather vs Deji undercard. The American mocked Fury relentlessly during his bout with Rolly Lambert from the commentary desk.

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Paul had been warned not to get in the ring by the promotion Global Titans, instead inviting either one of the Fury men to come out and face him at ringside. Despite Tommy storming out, it was his enraged dad who went after Paul in what proved to be a rather outlandish exchange.

Price is a former professional rugby player and still boasts the physique from his time in the sport which he ended in 2014 to completely focus on darts. He also regularly deals with adversity from the crowd and resorted to using ear defenders at the recently concluded World Championships.

The former world number one has come in for a lot of abuse, stemming from the 2018 Grand Slam final against Gary Anderson where the booing and whistling started. While he has done excellently well to combat the boo and jeers during matches, Alan Warriner-Little, who runs the PDPA, has said that he has had complaints about the abuse from Price, but there isn't too much he is able to do about it.

“Gezzy does cop it more than any other player and he’s always on to me and the PDC about doing something about it,” he said. “We try and do that we can but what can we do to stop 4-5,000 people? We have advertisements during the break [in play] about respecting the players when they’re throwing. You feel for him sometimes but I almost feel I can’t do something, and it’s hard to say that to him.

“But that’s why he took the ear-defenders, probably making a statement. He feels he kops it more than most and nothing is being done about it.

“I almost think he’s got to try and turn it around,” he added. “Come out with the earmuffs on and take them off when he’s throwing. People will still boo him but in a pantomime villain sort of way.”

But after a narrow loss to Michael Smith in the recently concluded Bahrain final, the Iceman received a warm reception for which he was very grateful.

"Fair play to the crowd. They have been fantastic all weekend and supported everyone and it is nice to come away and get some cheers," said Price. "I know there are a few English fans in there but you have been really good so thank you."


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