Fitness: Why it's good to have a running partner

(GUARDIAN) – Running with someone can give you that boost to get moving.

Commit to a person and a time, and agree in advance that there will be no backing out.

Before you start, discuss pace, route and whether or not you are sticking together, so you are both happy.

Here are three key reasons to run with someone else:


Running with a partner makes exercise a shared experience.

Switch off and have a good chat (during breaks if not while jogging). It’s a chance to talk about your feelings and relieve tension.


When it gets dark, running in a pair or bigger group means you can look out for each other – and you are less likely to be approached if you are with someone else.


On solo runs, it is easy to say to yourself: “I don’t need to do that extra kilometre”; if you exercise with another person, there is nowhere to hide.

Pick a partner who is slightly faster or more experienced than you and you will have a ready-made running coach who will keep you striving for better form.

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