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F1 is in Azerbaijan for what is typically one of the most action-packed Grand Prix races of the year.

Max Verstappen will be looking to extend his title lead after crashing at 200mph in last year's race with just four laps left.

But he will have Ferrari's Charles Leclerc hot on his heels as well as team-mate Sergio Perez, who won in Baku last year and also took the chequered flag in Monaco a fortnight ago.

Here's how you can watch the practice, qualifying and race live from Azerbaijan.

  • Qualifying start time: 3pm UK time
  • TV/Stream: Sky Sports F1


  • Justin Lawrence

    Hamilton and Russell's differing expectations

    Vettel feels Hamilton's Mercedes team-mate George Russell will enjoy finishing in the top ten more than Hamilton.

    That's because Russell spent years "suffering" whilst driving for Williams before moving to Mercedes, Vettel reckons.

    He added: "Everybody is different, but you need to be fair from the outside and say, look, is Lewis naturally going to be as fired up about finishing eighth as George probably is?

    "No, and I would be surprised if he was."

  • Justin Lawrence

    Vettel expresses Hamilton doubts

    Sebastian Vettel doubts Lewis Hamilton will remain fired up throughout the season if he doesn't start winning races.

    Vettel said: When you get to know the sport in the way I have done, and Lewis has done, winning and being at the top is what you strive for.

    "Does it excite you to finish eighth, or 12th or 13th? No, it doesn't, when you know you have been first so many times – and in Lewis' case more than any other guy."

  • Matt Penn

    Good morning F1 fans

    It's qualifying day in Baku.
    But before that the third and final practice session of the weekend will play out on the streets of Azerbaijan's capital city.
    The last chance for the drivers to get a taste for the track before the serious stuff will be at 12pm this afternoon (UK time).
    Qualifying will then get underway three hours later.
    And Lewis Hamilton will be hoping for a considerably better day than yesterday, when he finished FP2 way down in 12th place.
    Hamilton was one of a number of drivers who were forced to cope with severe bouncing problems around the circuit in Baku.
    The seven-time world champion admitted yesterday that a day of practice had left him feeling "sore".
    When asked what the hardest thing about the day was, the seven-time world champ laughed and said: “The bouncing.”
    Then when quizzed whether he was alright, Hamilton said: “I’ll get by. I’m a bit sore but yeah. We’re hitting some serious speeds at the end here and it’s bouncing a lot.”

  • Giacomo Pisa

    Seven down so far

    This weekend's race in Baku will be the eighth race of the 2022 calendar.

    Max Verstappen has won four out of the seven races so far, with Charles Leclerc taking the chequered flag twice and Sergio Perez topping the podium last time out in Monaco.

    Lewis Hamilton's P3 in the opening race of the season is his best result of the campaign, and feels like a very long time ago.

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  • Giacomo Pisa

    Baku bouncing causes nightmares

    Many of the drivers were forced to put up with severe bouncing during practice today.

    Poor Esteban Ocon even thought he was going to lose his helmet due to the bumpy ride.

    The Alpine driver said: “It’s important to get confident, learn these big braking zones to try and get these bumps under control as well

    “The head is all over the place, I felt I was going to lose my helmet at the end of the straight line.

    “It’s quite tricky for everybody, it’s important to get a feel for that. That’s what we’ve done today.

    “It’s not physical for the right reason, unfortunately. It’s very strange, it’s like oscillation, you can’t train or get ready for [it]. 

    “It’s just painful on the body, really. I can feel it on the neck, it’s getting me smaller – hopefully I will lose a couple of centimetres!”

  • Giacomo Pisa

    Russell speaks after "tricky day"

    George Russell has admitted both Ferrari and Red Bull have an "inherently faster car" than Mercedes.

    The Brit finished FP2 in seventh, while teammate Lewis Hamilton was way down in 12th.

    Speaking at the end of the day, Russell said: "It was a tricky day, we weren’t as competitive as we would have liked. Again, a tricky track to get the tyres in the right window.

    "You see with a number of drivers, their fastest laps were coming right at the end of the run, whereas Ferrari and Red Bull, they seemed to be able to turn it on.

    "At the moment, they just have an inherently faster car than us and we’ve done everything we can to try and catch up.

    "If we’re totally on top of the tyres we’re not going to fully close that gap – or we’re definitely not going to close that gap, they’re just too far ahead.

    "So that’s probably 50% of our issues – the rest is just the lack of performance we have at the moment."

  • Giacomo Pisa

    Exclusive – Horner on Verstappen-Perez partnership

    Christian Horner is confident Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez won't turn into a pair of raging Red Bulls as they battle for the F1 title.

    Horner even pointed out there is a bromance between his current pairing.

    He said: "You can see there's a great respect and there's a friendship between the two and they work very well together as a pairing.

    "They work as a team. You saw that in Barcelona and you saw that with Checo in Abu Dhabi last year, he was outstanding, so I think the dynamic in a team is as good as it has ever been.

    "Back then you had two drivers who clearly didn't like each other and now there is a genuine respect that exists between the two.

    "We've got two drivers. They're both getting the same opportunity but it's still very early in the year.

    "We've only had a sample of what seven races so far and still have a lot of racing to do with a couple of sprint races in there too.

    "And we are up against a very competitive Ferrari team, so our number one priority is making sure both our cars are ahead of the Ferraris and we will then see where we are later in the year if it's still very close between the drivers."

  • Giacomo Pisa

    Leclerc still has "question marks"

    Despite topping the standings in FP2 today, Charles Leclerc believes there are still questions to be answered before Sunday's race.

    He told formula1.com: "We’ve had a hard Friday because overall I think we’ve improved quite a lot from FP1 to FP2 but there’s still another step that we have to do from today to tomorrow.

    "I also feel Iike in FP2 nobody really put a lap in and neither did we – actually I think Max and Carlos didn’t actually improve on the softs, so there’s still quite a lot of question marks.

    "I think the positive to take away from today is that the tyre degradation was good and the race pace was very strong, so that is good.”

  • Giacomo Pisa

    More from Lewis Hamilton

    Hamilton was also asked if he had changed anything on his car between FP1 and FP2.

    And the Brit said Merc had tried experimenting with his car, but the plan backfired.

    He added: "We tried something experimental on my car and it didn't feel that great to be honest.

    "But at least we tried it and got data on it and now we'll go through it.

    "And hopefully for tomorrow we'll probably revert back to what we changed."

  • Giacomo Pisa

    Lewis Hamilton "sore" after P2

    Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton has spoken to Sky Sports after being 12th fastest around the track in FP2.

    And he said he was feeling "sore" after spending the session plagued by porpoising issues.

    When asked what the hardest thing about the day was, the seven-time world champ laughed and said: "The bouncing."

    Then when quizzed if he was alright, Hamilton said: "I'll get by. I'm a bit sore but yeah. We're hitting some serious speeds at the end here and it's bouncing a lot."

  • Giacomo Pisa

    Sergio speaks after FP2

    Sergio Perez, winner of the last race in Monaco, has spoken after FP2 in Baku.

    The Mexican was second fastest on the track behind Charles Leclerc.

    And he said: "I think there is good data for us to gather and to go through tonight.

    "And hopefully we are able to put it all together tomorrow for qualifying."

    He added: "I feel confident out there. As always with braking you are going to make some mistakes here and there.

    "But that's the way it is at the moment but we just have to keep our heads down and hopefully we are able to sort it out."

  • Giacomo Pisa

    Hamilton outside top 10

    Behind the wheel of that car will be a very unhappy Lewis Hamilton.

    The weekend is still in its early stages, but only being 12th fastest in FP2 does not bode well for the Mercedes star.

    Credit: EPA
  • Ben Hunt

    FP2 is done – Leclerc leads the way

    Ferrari's Leclerc sets the pace ahead of the Red Bull duo. Perez is 0.248 seconds off the pace and Verstappen 0.356 seconds.

    Alonso is the shock in fourth place for Alpine, ahead of countryman Sainz, who is in P5.

    Russell, 7th, gets the better of his Mercedes teammate Hamilton, who is down in 12th in another miserable outing for the seven-times world champion.

  • Ben Hunt

    Bump in the road

    It is proving challenging for the drives, especially the long straight, which is 2.2km long.

    It is not just the Mercedes that is bouncing, it is evident all cars are experiencing problems.

    There come be some unhappy comments form the drivers about the surface this evening.

  • Ben Hunt

    Leclerc has a lock up

    The Ferrari man has a lock up and goes into the escape road at turn seven.

    He keeps out of the barriers and is now on his way back to the pits.

    And now Perez has done the same at turn 15. No contact with the barriers but boy, some are getting close.

  • Ben Hunt

    Perez and Verstappen swap places

    The Mexican, who won last out in Monaco, is still on the pace as he leapfrogs Verstappen into second place behind Leclerc.

    Alonso is now up to fourth and Sainz in fifth.

    Meanwhile, Schumacher makes another error but keeps out of the wall.

  • Ben Hunt

    Mercedes duo on flying runs

    Russell, who has until now been slower than his teammate, now gets on top.

    He moves into sixth with a time that is 0.742seconds off Leclerc in P1, while Hamilton is slower on his lap after making a mistake in sector one.

    Hamilton is now in ninth place behind Tsunoda and Norris.

  • Ben Hunt

    Leclerc sets the pace

    The Ferrari man tops the tree and sits ahead of Verstappen, but there is just 0.030 seconds in it.

    It IS close. Perez in P3 and Sainz in P4 while Alonso in 5th gives Alpine some confidence.

  • Ben Hunt

    Frantic scenes in Red Bull

    There is a lot of work being done to the rear wing of Verstappen's car. It was certainly flexing a lot in F1, especially on the long straight.

    The world champion is yet to run in FP2 as his team make their final adjustments.

  • Ben Hunt

    FP2 is go

    It was impressive from Red Bull and Ferrari in the first session, can Mercedes get in the mix for the second session?

  • Sam Dymond

    FP2 about to begin

    It's almost time for another 20 drivers to get a feel for this bewildering Baku circuit.

  • Sam Dymond

    Hill: The Sergio surge continues

    Former world champion Damon Hill believes Sergio Perez is finally living up to the reputation from early on in his career.

    The Mexican continued his fine form with the fastest time in the first practice at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

    Speaking to Sky Sports News after FP1, Hill said: "It's what I call the Sergio surge.

    "He's coming on strong, and he feels comfortable and confident.

    "He's been resigned, and he's now putting in the kind of performances that Red Bull always hoped he would."

  • Ben Hunt

    FP1 is done

    Perez leads the way. Fresh from his win in Monaco and a new contract in the bag, he leads the way in Baku and sits at the top of the timesheets.

    Leclerc is in P2, Verstappen in P3 while Sainz is in P4 to make it two Red Bulls and two Ferraris in the top four.

    Alonso fifth, Hamilton six in the best of the rest but both over a second off Perez's best time.

    More misery for under-fire trio Schuamcher, Latifi and Ricciardo who slump to the bottom of the timesheet.

  • Ben Hunt

    Curious timing

    Midway into FP1 and the FIA have released a statement stating the appointment of Tanya Kutsenko as "the first Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisor dedicated to motor sport.

    "She is Ukrainian born, is an accomplished international motor sport development expert."

    It comes after a backlash over comments made by FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

  • Ben Hunt

    Straight fight between Ferrari and Red Bull

    It is difficult to see past these two teams right now, however, there is some hope – well maybe.

    Hamilton has now popped up in fifth in the timesheets, but still a bit off the pace.

    And a quick word on under-fire Daniel Ricciardo, he is the slowest man on track. He is in real danger of losing his seat at McLaren unless he improves.

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