Derek Chisora vs Joseph Parker 2 LIVE RESULTS: Chisora breaks silence on retirement talks, Parker WINS thriller – latest

JOSEPH PARKER defeated Derek Chisora in an absolute thriller in Manchester.

The Kiwi Parker prevailed by a unanimous decision after Chisora was knocked to the canvas once and received two standing counts.

Parker said after the victory on all three of the judges' scorecards: "He never stopped coming but we had practised the jab and uppercut so now we have a great Christmas.

"Derek is a credit to the sport of boxing, the crowd went crazy for him."


  • Derek Chisora DEF Joseph Parker UD12
  • Kevin Lele Sadjo DEF. Jack Cullen TKO6
  • Lerrone Richards DEF. Carlos Gongora SD12
  • Zelfa Barrett DEF. Bruno Tarimo UD12
  • David Nyika DEF. Anthony Carpin TKO1
  • Alen Babic DEF. David Spilmont TKO6
  • Sandy Ryan DEF. Maria Capriolo TKO3
  • Rhiannon Dixon DEF. Vaida Masiokaite UD6
  • Jordan Thompson DEF. Piotr Budziszewski KO1


Follow ALL the action with our live blog in Manchester below…

  • James Orr

    Chisora on retirement talks

    Derek Chisora has broken his silence on talks of retirement.

    And he's NOT done yet…

    Chisora tweeted: "F*** retirement. I’ll be back in the summer b****."

  • James Orr

    Two guys and their Five Guys

    As it tradition, Derek Chisora has got Five Guys burgers for Joseph Parker and his team.

    The pair then shared a warm embrace mid-burger.

  • Matt Penn

    Parker on Chisora win

    "He is one tough guy, this was a continuation of the first fight. I couldn't finish him with the hook but what a Christmas present.

    "I felt a lot stronger in there tonight, it was important to start strong, I've worked so hardy with Andy.

    "I just rushed at times, again, there's a lot to be done still and I look forward to working with Andy some more.

    "He's a credit to boxing Derek, the crowd came out for him tonight."

  • Matt Penn

    Parker BEATS Chisora on POINTS

    And the scorecards read 115-110, 115-111, 114-112 all in favour of your winner Joseph Parker!

    The New Zealander will now hope he can get a world title shot in 2022, moving past the nightmare of Derek Chisora.

    What a fight.

    Credit: Reuters
    Credit: PA
    Credit: Reuters
  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 – Round 12

    Just brilliant action to finish an unbelievable fight.

    Chisora doesn't give up, he continues to land at will, while Parker comes back with everything he's got as well.

    Parker attempts more uppercuts but to no avail, Chisora ties him up and smashes in a left hook of his own.

    They both make it to the end of the fight.

    Scorecards coming up!

  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 – Round 11

    Parker and Chisora tie up and look to be tiring but the former lands a huge uppercut which his opponent takes like it's nothing.

    Chisora continues to come forward and lands a stabbing jab to Parker, who comes back with a straight right hand.

    Chisora then lands body shots on the ropes before backing up and landing an uppercut.

    Parker tiring in there, it doesn't look like he's going to get the stoppage he craved here tonight.

    12th and final round coming up.

  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 – Round 10

    How is Chisora still in there?

    He's taken his fair share of shots tonight and trainer Dave Coldwell doesn't look like his fighter about stopping proceedings.

    It doesn't look like he can win, but Del Boy continues to throw along the ropes, cuffing Parker with right hands.

    Parker with the more accurate work.

  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 – Round 9

    Parker looks for his fourth knockdown of the fight, winging in more massive uppercuts along the ropes.

    But Chisora comes back with more of the same burst of attacks he's shown previously in the fight and his career.

    Chisora then goes for a massive overhand right and stumbles into the ropes before Parker ties him up.

    Chisora survives again.

  • Matt Penn

    Parker KNOCKS DOWN Chisora – Round 8

    And again! Parker drops Chisora, who heads to the corner and welcomes an attack!

    Chisora survives again! Unbelievable resolve from Del Boy.

    It's the uppercuts from Parker.

  • Matt Penn

    Parker KNOCKS DOWN Chisora – Round 7

    Unbelievable action again!

    Parker lands a HUGE right hand and it knocks Chisora to the canvas.

    But just like last time, Chisora gets up and finishes the round strongly, landing huge right hands on Parker against the ropes.

    Massive round.

  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 – Round 6

    More precision punching from Parker in the sixth, but Chisora takes them all on the chin like it's nobody's business.

    Del Boy then comes forward and launches an attack up against the ropes but Parker holds his man off and digs in the uppercuts.

    Chisora's done so well to get himself back into the fight after the trouble he endured in round three and four.

    And now it's Parker who has to dig deep and find something extra.

  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 – Round 5

    Chisora looks refreshed in there while Parker continues to try and land damaging punches.

    He came close to the stoppage in the fourth but has seriously lagged off in the fifth, allowing Chisora to come back into it.

    Parker comes back with vicious uppercuts but they're not as powerful as the shot he put his opponent down with in the fifth.

    More brilliant action from both.

  • Matt Penn

    Parker KNOCKS DOWN Chisora – Round 4

    Huge shots from Joseph Parker, who lands a big right uppercut and puts Chisora down!

    Chisora then heads to the corner and welcomes an attack, but Parker is weary and doesn't want to walk onto something himself.

    Parker then responds with an attack of his own and screams in Parker's face!

  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 – Round 3

    Parker a little more cautious to start things off while Chisora comes forward again with big overhand rights.

    The New Zealander lands a cracking right uppercut and unloads on Chisora, who comes forward with a huge right hand – missing wildly.

    Parker is already sensing a finish here, unloading huge punches along the ropes, but Chisora survives the onslaught.

    Chisora comes back with an attack of his own but Parker has been almost punch-perfect so far!

  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 – Round 2

    Del Boy comes out for the second with much more intensity and immediately lands a big right hand.

    Parker comes back and decides to go hell for leather himself, something Chisora responds to in kind.

    Chisora then takes a massive uppercut from Parker but Chisora marches forward like usual, taking everything in his stride.

    Both then resort to some in-fighting on the ropes. The fight has really come alive now.

  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 – Round 1

    Chisora comes out with a more cautious approach but absolutely WINGS in a huge overhand right which misses Parker's chin by whiskers.

    Parker responds by cracking Chisora with a big right hand before both tie up against the ropes.

    Crowd going nuts for Chisora but Parker has made a very solid start here in Manchester.

    1-0 Parker.

  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 – Round 1

    Here we go!

  • Matt Penn

    Ring-walks on NOW

    Derek Chisora comes out to his usual Hotel California to a rapturousreception in Manchester.

    And here comes Joseph Parker…

  • Matt Penn

    Sweet Caroline 🎵

    Currently playing…

  • Matt Penn

    Chisora vs Parker 2 NEXT

    Both fighters are nervously going through the motions in the dressing room.

    But very soon, it'll be time for their ring-walks.

    Derek Chisora vs Joseph Parker 2 is NEXT!

  • Matt Penn

    That looked pretty painful

    Cullen simply could not recover from that body shot in the sixth.


    Credit: DAZN
  • Wally Downes Jr

    Sadj-oh no!

    Cullen's entire left flank of ribs rippled with the impact of the blow.

    The Englishman was robbed of all of his oxygen and probably has a couple of broken ribs.

    Sadjo boxed expertly for a smaller man tasked wioth cutting a huge height and reach disadvantage.

    Let's hope Cullen bounces back soon.

  • Wally Downes Jr

    Cullen vs Sadjo – Round 6 – Sadjo wins!

    The brilliant Frenchman smashes a hammer of a shot into Jack Cullen's long torso and he collapses into a broken heap.

    The Englishman beats the count but the referee waved it off as Cullen is hurt.

    Sadjo enrages the crowd by celebrating and then doing press ups to showboat.

    Cullen is back up and recovered but violently beaten.

  • Wally Downes Jr

    Cullen vs Sadjo – Round6

    Cullen waits until the end of the fifth to finally get his jab fizzing.

    Team Cullen tell him he is making it hard for himself.

    And he needs to kep his left hand up hight to guard his chin from Sadjo's looping right hands.

    Sadjo lands an instant right hand before the bell has even stopped ringing – terrible defence from the Brit.

  • Wally Downes Jr

    Cullen vs Sadjo – Round 5

    Cullen jabs and hooks as soon as the rounds starts.

    Then he fires three digs into Sadjo's guard before the Frenchman barrels forwards again.

    None of Cullen's shots seem to be denting Sadjo but Cullen has definitely been buzzed by the late replacement opposition.

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