Danny Rose admits Tottenham squad are sick of playing at Wembley after lowest attendance of season

Only 33,012 supporters cheered Spurs on Wednesday when they beat Southampton 3-1 – the club's lowest attendance this season.

On Wednesday night, Spurs fans filled only two thirds of the total seats allowed by Brent Council for most Tottenham games.

With the total capacity of 91,000, there were 57,000 empty seats at the national stadium as Mauricio Pochettino's men were beating troubled Saints.

Spurs were scheduled to return to the refurbished White Hart Lane in September but constant delays in construction works mean their new home will not be ready till the end of the year.

And with fans seemingly frustrated, Rose says the players also grow tired playing in front of empty seats as Wembley loses its magic.

He said: "It's just not nice any more. It's lost its… I don't feel it's an honour to play at Wembley.

The defender also says that low attendance affects the atmosphere during games, although he understands fans' frustration.

He added: "The atmosphere is a bit flat.

"I obviously sympathise with the fans, travelling further to come to Wembley but it's the lowest attendance since we've been at Wembley.

"That speaks volumes."

Tottenham hope they will move back to the Lane on January 13 when they host Manchester United.

Spurs plan to test their new £850million home beforehand, running a ballot for season-ticket holders to find 5,000 lucky fans who could visit the arena on December 16.

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