DANNY MURPHY: Horrific scenes made me glad that my son couldn't attend

DANNY MURPHY: The horrific scenes outside the Champions League final made me glad my son couldn’t attend – big events always seem to take UEFA by surprise, and I feel sorry for fans caught up in the trouble through NO fault of their own

  • Horrific scenes before the Champions League final were a blight on the day 
  • Liverpool were beaten 1-0 by Real Madrid in the Champions League final 
  • Fans trying to attend the game were unfairly treated by French authorities
  • Some English fans were unable to watch the game despite buying a ticket 

We have got a family christening this weekend otherwise I am sure my son would have been in Paris. Watching the terrible pictures and videos of fans being teargassed and in distress, I am glad he wasn’t.

Big events always seem to take UEFA and the police by surprise.

They know there will be a huge contingent of supporters from Liverpool and Real Madrid but seemed totally ill-equipped to deal with it.

Liverpool fans were held in queues for hours to try as they waited to gain entry to the final

What appalled me was the aggressive way police dealt with supporters who had tickets, many of them families. They would show their tickets and still get teargassed.

There was a very upsetting scene of a Spanish mother, father and daughter needing help to dab the gas out of their eyes.

All that for going to a game? It’s an outrage and you could see the fear among fans. They were treated like animals.

French authorities used tear gas to try to contain the Liverpool fans who were patiently waiting

You accept there are some people there who are trying to make life difficult and maybe get in without tickets. But they are a small minority and there is enough money in football to ensure proper security measures are in place.

It shouldn’t be complicated to organise.

I feel very sorry for fans caught up in trouble through no fault of their own, or those who had to miss the match altogether.

It’s a sad day for the game.

There were some fans who bought tickets but still didn’t attend due to the pre-match violence

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