Crazy brawl erupts at Suns-Clippers Game 6 after rowdy fan pours beer

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Pour one out for the Clippers.

At least that’s what one fan probably thought as he poured his beer over a Suns fan’s head before beating him with the can.

Following the Suns’ series-clinching win in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals Wednesday, an all-out fight erupted in the stands.

Four men dressed head-to-toe in Clippers merchandise brawled with a tall man in a black shirt at the Staples Center.

One fan got creative and began using his beer can to whack the black-shirted man over the head. Fans from both sides tried to tear the brawlers off one another until the man in the black shirt was pushed down into the row behind. After some help, he stood back up and walks away from the fight, flashing both his middle fingers to the Clippers fans.

There’s a history of brawls between fans of these two franchises. After Game 1 in Phoenix, Suns fans instigated a fight with Clippers fans, throwing haymakers and tackling one another to the floor.

However, it wasn’t just the Clippers fans that were acting up. LA guard Patrick Beverly was ejected from the game for shoving Chris Paul during a timeout.

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