Cheap cars driven by sports stars like Chisora, Hamilton’s Smart motors and Hatton’s Robin Reliant from Only Fools – The Sun

THESE sports stars have made mega money over the years.

But just like you and me, they love a cheap runner to get them from A to B.

Dereck Chisora was seen resting his hulking 19-stone frame on a Smart car.

And just like the heavyweight boxer, there are plenty of other sportsmen who opt for a reasonably priced motor.

Let SunSport tell you who…


Hamilton has gone for a Smart car too.

It's fitting given his new eco-warrior stance, and although he's got a garage full of supercars he is unapologetic that he zooms about with it in Monaco – adding it's easy to park.

“It’s really bad because people are like, ‘No you can’t, because you’re a racing driver,’ he told

“Of course I have some really cool cars but I like driving the electric car around Monaco because it’s easy to park.

“If someone bumps into it, I don’t mind. You just change the panel.”


One of the most famous sports stars on the planet, LeBron doesn't like fancy.

In 2014, the LA Lakers legend signed a deal with affordable car manufacturer Kia to be their official spokesperson.

'King James' has even been spied driving their K900 model to training.

Amazingly, James actually drove the luxury K900 sedan BEFORE getting a sponsorship with Kia.

Costing around £32,000, it won't even make a dent in the £300million small forward's pocket.


Stick a pony in me pocket, I'll fetch the punchbag from the van.

Boxing legend Ricky Hatton is such a fan of Only Fools and Horses, he's only gone and got himself a Robin Reliant.

Designed exactly like Del Boy's famous three-wheeler, it cost him £4,000 and features the famous 'Trotters Independent Trading' logo on the side.

As Del might say, 'lovely jubbly'.


The cricket legend is one of the true gents in sport.

And although he made a fortune in India, becoming a brand ambassador for BMW over there, he's never forgotten his roots.

Somewhere in Tendulkar's car collection you will find his first ever car, a Maruti 800 that would've cost him around £1,200 when he bought it.

He keeps it to remind him where he came from.


Trust Pep Guardiola to lead the way

The Man City boss does own a ridiculously gorgeous Bentley that costs hundreds of thousands.

But sometimes, he'll just want something compact and easy to drive around the city.

And he showed he has a more modest side – being driven into training in a £28k electric Nissan Leaf.


He might be one of Chelsea's high-rollers, but that doesn't meant the Blues midfielder has to splash out on a new set of wheels.

Kante has owned his Mini Cooper S, which costs £20k brand new, since he came to England to play for Leicester City.

He actually paid less than that figure too, because it's second-hand.

Kante even added another second-hand Mini Cooper to his collection, which he shipped to France.


Kante's former manager Conte – who now bosses Inter – was equally as frugal with his cash when it came to his car choice.

Often driven to work in the mornings by his wife Elisabetta, the Italian coach would ride in a Nissan Duke.

Despite accumulating a wealth of around £10m, he opted for a £15k motor.


The England and Man City star is on mega wages – earning a very nice £100k per week at the Etihad.

But, his choice in car – often mocked by his team-mates including Kyle Walker – shows he's not forgotten his Barnsley roots.

Stones squeezes his 6ft 2in frame into a classic Mini Cooper regularly, which would've set him back a very frugal £5k.


Another Nissan lover, the former Arsenal defender was a fan of the Figaro – also a £5k purchase.

The Belgium international, currently plying his trade for Japanese side Vissel Kobe, was often seen driving around North London in his sky blue number.

Former team-mate Robin Van Persie once urged him to dump his old car when he signed a new deal with the Gunners, but he didn't!


First, it's worth pointing out that we know Sterling has a fine fleet of cars worth a mint.

But, alongside his Bentley Continental GT and Lamborghini Urus, is this nifty Smart car that would've set him back £11k.

It's a sensible choice for the family man, should he need to run any errands.


Like Sterling, his team-mate at the Etihad loves Smart cars too.

He drives a Fortwo model that retails for an incredibly modest £11k to get you from A to B.

The Portuguese star earns £120k per week, which means he could buy nearly 11 of them every seven days.



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Former Chelsea star loves a reliable motor.

That's why he's gone for the French option – the Peugeot 280 GTi, which is one of Britain's best affordable cars.

New, it would set you back £15k… nothing for £100k a week Pedro who could buy nine in a week!

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