Argentina's World Cup party ends in tears, with at least one DEAD

Argentina World Cup anarchy leaves one dead and boy, 5, in coma: Team are evacuated by helicopter after fans jumped onto bus and hijacked a police car while millions thronged streets for parade

  • A man in his 20s has died during the celebrations of Argentina’s World Cup win
  • Meanwhile, a young boy is fighting for his life for celebrations he has sustained 
  • Argentina clinched their third World Cup title by beating France on penalties
  • A bus parade in Buenos Aires had to be cut short due to serious safety concerns 
  • A police car was hijacked while other fans attempted to jump onto the bus  
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Argentina’s World Cup celebrations have been marred by the death of a 24-year-old fan, after he fell through a roof ‘jumping up and down’ celebrating during Tuesday’s victory parade after their dramatic penalty shootout win over France.

Lionel Messi and the rest of Argentina’s players delivered the nation’s first World Cup triumph since 1986 and it caused millions in Argentina to throw parties.

But after Tuesday’s bus parade was cut short due to safety concerns of fans jumping onto the top of the bus with the players, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health detailed how another fan died in hospital on Monday due to a head injury picked up while celebrating.

A fan has died celebrating Argentina’s historic World Cup win over France on Sunday night

Supporters threw themselves from the bridge as the celebrating players showed the World Cup trophies to the huge crowds in Buenos Aires on Tuesday

Riot police clashed with angry football fans at the conclusion of the homecoming parade

One man is detained as police cleared the city centre, with tensions high calling off the parade

Details from police in Buenos Aires, published by La Nacíon. say the man ‘was jumping on the roof, celebrating the triumph of the National Team, until [the roof] broke and he fell,’ leading to fatal injury. 

In a statement posted by his family, they say the man mistook ‘a plastic sheet’, which was serving as a temporary roof. 

He died from his injuries at the Fernández Hospital in Buenos Aires.

There are also fears over a five-year-old boy that is in a coma after sustaining a serious head injury following an incident in Plaza San Martin, where he was celebrating Argentina’s World Cup triumph with his parents. 

La Nacion have also detailed how a piece of marble fell from a monument during the celebrations, striking the child, who is now in intensive care. 

Tuesday’s parade turned ugly and players were evacuated in helicopters when it was cut short

More stories of deaths and serious injuries are emerging on a day where Argentina’s World Cup-winning heroes saw their bus parade through Buenos Aires – which brought more than four million people to the streets to celebrate 0 cut short.  

Messi and Co had to be evacuated to the sky in helicopters after fans threw projectiles and tried to jump on the team’s bus.

The helicopters carrying the footballers circled low above the skies of the capital including the area around the iconic Obelisk monument as crazed fans chanted and applauded before taking them back to the Argentine Football Association’s (AFA) training facilities HQ near Ezeiza Airport where the victory parade had begun around midday.

The streets of the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires had been mobbed with jubilant fans for the open-top bus parade, which was expected to last around eight hours.

Fans tried to climb down from a bridge onto the open-top bus, with one landing in the bus and another falling several feet into the crowd below

The team rode in the open-top bus through vast crowds of wild fans after returning home

A staggering number of fans surrounded the bus as it made its way trough Buenos Aires

Team captain and footballing legend Lionel Messi waves to the gathered crowds from the bus

Enormous crowds gathered around the Obelisk Monument in Buenos Aires to welcome the Argentinian team home

The World Cup-winning Argentina team parade through the country’s capital through the throngs of fans before they were forced to stop

The coach Lionel Scaloni (left) celebrates with fans as the bus drives through the parade 

The players circle over the crowds in a helicopter after they were forced to abandon their journey on the ground

Fans appeared to hijack a police car after climbing on top of the vehicle during the wild celebrations 

Wild scenes played out across Buenos Aires throughout the day as fans celebrate their team’s World Cup win 

The city’s streets are packed with tens of thousands of jubilant fans to celebrate the team’s World Cup victory 

Messi holds the World Cup trophy aloft as the team drive through the Argentinian capital  

Argentina’s players are travelling through the streets of Buenos Aires in an open-top parade

 Ecstatic crowds greeted the victorious team as they travelled through Buenos Aires

Millions of jubilant supporters had gathered at the Obelisk monument for the celebration

Argentina fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of their World Cup-winning heroes in the capital

The parade around the Argentinian capital was expected to last for around eight hours 

A mural of Diego Maradona, who Messi emulated by winning the World Cup, is seen in the city

It was set to take in landmarks including the iconic Obelisk, where the majority of expectant Argentinian supporters had congregated.

AFA president Chiqui Tapia confirmed in a tweet just before 4pm local time, however, that the bus parade needed to be abandoned.

‘They won’t allow us to greet everyone who was at the Obelisk,’ the tweet read.

‘The security organisations that were escorting us won’t let us continue.

‘I apologise in the name of all the players. A real shame.’

Gabriela Cerruti, an Argentine presidential spokeswoman, tweeted as TV stations broadcast the breathtaking images of the crowds looking upwards towards the players above them in the sky: ‘The world champions are flying along the route they were taking because it was impossible to continue by road with the explosion of happiness.

‘Let’s continue celebrating in peace and showing them our love and admiration.’

The Argentine players had intended to travel on the bus from the AFA training facilities to the Obelisk, where an estimated three million fans congregated after their nation’s thrilling penalty shootout win over France on Sunday.

AFA confirmed a last-minute change of plan on the advice of government safety advisors on Tuesday afternoon before the later decision to switch to the helicopters.

The party mood briefly turned ugly as news the players were instead going to greet fans from the 25 de Mayo motorway seeped out.

There were reports of missiles being thrown at police and footage emerged of crazed fans hijacking a police car and partying on top of it near the Obelisk in the aftermath of the announcement.

Messi and Argentina had earlier returned as heroes as they were greeted by thousands of fans at Ezeiza International Airport after touching down in Buenos Aires.

Argentina led twice through goals from Messi and Angel Di Maria but with just minutes remaining in extra time France won a penalty – which Kylian Mbappe duly dispatched to take the final to a shootout where Emiliano Martinez’s brilliance in goal saw the Argentines emerge victorious on Sunday. 

The national team and the World Cup trophy, which they lifted for a third time Sunday, landed back in Argentina after a roughly 21-hour flight at around 2.20am local time Tuesday morning.  

Argentina were given a hero’s welcome after returning home from Qatar as world champions

The Argentinian squad landed in Argentina in the early hours of Tuesday morning

Argentina’s players celebrated on an open-top bus after landing at Buenos Aires airport

Fans lined the streets near to the airport to welcome home Argentina’s World Cup winners

Thousands of fans greeted Argentina’s arrival back in Buenos Aires after winning the World Cup

Lionel Messi and Argentina returned as heroes as they landed at Ezeiza International Airport

Captain Messi cradled the World Cup trophy as the Argentines returned home after their win

Manager Lionel Scaloni (right) wrapped his arm around the superstar as they greeted fans 

Talisman Messi emerged from the plane first and lifted the World Cup trophy triumphantly into the air as he and head coach Lionel Scaloni stepped on to the airplane steps to greet the waiting fans. 

The PSG star, with his medal around his neck, could not keep the beaming smile off his face as he soaked up the homecoming. 

Messi and his team-mates came close to being knocked off the back of their open-top bus shortly after arriving.

Video shows Messi and four team-mates, including Leandro Paredes and Di Maria,  being forced to duck under an overhead power cable at the last second as they drove slowly through a sea of jubilant Argentinian fans. 

Messi scored twice during the World Cup final at the Lusail Stadium, adding to his total haul of seven for the tournament and finally clinched the one trophy that had so far evaded him throughout his sensational career. 

Scaloni, who had burst into tears after Gonzalo Montiel slotted home the winning penalty, wrapped an arm around his captain as the pair waved to those greeting them on the tarmac. 

As soon as the players disembarked their plane, they headed straight on to an open-top bus that had been waiting for them on the tarmac to take them to the Argentine Football Association’s headquarters. 

Argentina won the third World Cup in their history with a 4-2 win on penalties against France

Millions of excited fans greeted the Argentinian team’s arrival back home in Buenos Aires

The head coach and talisman were the first to emerge from the aircraft, waving in greeting 

As soon as the players disembarked, they headed onto an open-top bus waiting for them

Messi still clutched his glittering prize as he joined his team-mates atop the champions’ bus

Captain Messi holds the World Cup trophy on the bus after the team landed back in Argentina

Messi was followed by his bleary-eyed team-mates, including veteran Di Maria, whose strike had doubled Argentina’s lead in the first half of the final before France rallied.

Goalkeeper Martinez, whose dark arts during the penalty shootout sealed the victory, also received a warm welcome. 

Despite the long-haul flight, the players were still in a jubilant mood as they waved to their adoring fans from the top of the bus, which read, ‘Champions of the World,’ on the side. 

Despite the long-haul flight, the players were still in a jubilant mood as they waved to fans

Messi was followed by Angel Di Maria, whose strike had doubled Argentina’s initial lead

Goalkeeper Martinez, who performed heroics in the shootout, received a warm welcome 

The champions’ bus crawled through the streets of Buenos Aires and fans flooded the streets to get a glimpse of their heroes. 

Fireworks lit up the sky over the crowds, who were several rows deep, and music group ‘La Mosca’ played. 

The flight – with the World Cup trophy in tow and which left at 5am Argentina time – refueled in Italian capital city Rome, before flying on to Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires. 

In total there were two planes for the entourage of the champions, including players, coaches, staff and family members. 

After landing, the jubilant players are expected to begin displaying the trophy to their adoring fans, including at the iconic Obelisk landmark in the centre of the Argentina capital. 

The champions’ bus crawled through the Buenos Aires streets with crowd several rows deep

Players (pictured Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes and Lautaro Martinez) wore special Adidas t-shirts for the occasion with three stars on the front for their three World Cup triumphs 

De Paul shares a smile with Messi as they lean over the railings at the jubilant scenes

Paulo Dybala proudly has his medal on show as he gives a thumbs up to the onlookers

Fireworks lit up the sky above the sea of supports who had gathered to catch a glimpse

Argentina were set to parade with the trophy through Buenos Aires to the Obelisk on Tuesday

Fans in the Argentine capital flooded the streets as they waited for the return of the World Cup winners.

Despite the flight’s late arrival, many stayed up to gather outside the headquarters of the Argentinian Football Association to greet the team. 

They created a party atmosphere, playing drums and singing as they continued to celebrate their nation’s triumph on football’s greatest stage. 

Many donned the national team’s jersey, in particular Messi’s No. 10, to welcome the players home. 

Flags were draped and hung from any possible object, including vehicles, while a giant replica of the trophy was suspended from a crane. 

Some supporters were even spotted on top of horses waving the nation’s flag, while the replica of the World Cup trophy was displayed in front of them. 

Argentina fans were in jubilant mood as they greeted their heroes back from the World Cup

Despite the late arrival, many stayed up to gather at the headquarters of the Argentinian FA

They created a party atmosphere, playing drums and singing as they continued to celebrate

Fans flooded the streets in national team jerseys as they waited for the return of their heroes

Argentina flags were draped and hung from any possible object, including vehicles

A giant replica of the World Cup trophy was suspended over a street from a crane

Some supporters were even spotted on horseback as they waved the nation’s flag

One supporter rode down the street, passing underneath the suspended trophy replica

While the supporters back home were preparing to celebrate with the team, the players had already kickstarted the party on the flight.

In a post on defender Nicolas Tagliafico’s Instagram page, video footage showed the Albiceleste singing happily rewritten lyrics to their now-famous ‘Muchachos’ anthem, complete with a drum and cymbal to provide plenty of noise.

The lyrics to the song went: ‘The final with Germany, I cried for 8 years, but that’s over. Why this year in Qatar, the final with the French, Dad won it again. 

‘Boys! Now all that remains is to celebrate, we already won the third, we are already world champion! And we tell Diego to rest in peace, With Don Diego and La Tota, For the whole eternity.’ 

Argentina’s World Cup winners have rewritten the lyrics to their ‘Muchachos’ anthem – with drums and a cymbal – on plane from Qatar as thousands of fans await them in Buenos Aires

Stars including Lionel Messi (left) and Angel Di Maria (right) posed with the trophy on the plane

Stars including Messi and Enzo Fernandez posed happily with their precious gold passenger. 

Messi’s post from the plane on social media site Instagram has already amassed more than 33 million views after being posted.

His post including 10 photos from the immediate aftermath of Argentina’s World Cup triumph has received more than 56million likes and counting, making it the most-liked post in Instagram’s history, ahead of the egg, and the most liked of any sportsperson.

Fernandez also commented saying: ‘GOOD MORNING. Going like this we celebrate ALL TOGETHER.’ 

Centre midfielder Enzo Fernandez (above) also kissed the trophy in front of his country’s flag

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez (pictured), a hero in the shoot-out, cradled the trophy happily

Argentina prevailed by winning 4-2 on penalties, adding to the victories of 1978 and 1986. 

Chaos reigned all around as Argentina’s players set off in different directions after the winning penalty was scored before they all reconvened as they kickstarted what must be the best party of all time on the pitch with friends and family. 

Celebrations were then taken to the privacy of their dressing room, though content was released by various figures present.  

Evoking the spirit of 1986 – not just through the way he has, like Diego Maradona 36 years ago, carried the team at times – Messi was held aloft atop of various individuals’ shoulders and paraded around the pitch as he clutched the prize he craved most. 

Lionel Messi was held aloft with the trophy – echoing the images of Diego Maradona in 1986

Messi being held aloft evoked strong memories of Diego Maradona in exactly the same position 36 years ago

Securing football’s grandest prize on a night packed full of drama in Qatar, Messi matched the achievements of Maradona and in the process ensured his place alongside the late legend in the pantheon of true Argentinian greats. 

While Messi soaked in the adulation from those holding him aloft, three of his team-mates took it upon themselves to clamber on top of one of the goal frames. 

Leandro Parades, Rodrigo De Paul and Paulo Dybala perched on the top of one of the crossbars as they reveled in the atmosphere in front of the packed Argentina end. 

Leandro Paredes, Rodrigo De Paul and Paulo Dybala clambered atop one of the goal frames

The three players led the mass of Argentinian support behind that particular goal in songs

The photograph showed them appearing to lead the chants from atop of the goal frame – though the net had been removed, perhaps as a souvenir for the team to take back to Buenos Aires. De Paul appeared to have part of it draped around his neck. 

Argentina supporters inside the ground far outnumbered those supporting France, with thousands of Argentinians having travelled to Qatar for the tournament.

They led the raucous chants as the players laughed, danced and played with their children on the pitch while the World Cup circus began to wind down in front of their very eyes. 

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