Anthony Joshua wants to know where Tyson Fury's £7m charity donation is before signing up for a £20m bare-knuckle fight

ANTHONY JOSHUA wants to know where Tyson Fury’s infamous £7million charity donation is before he signs up for a £20m bare-knuckle bout.

Watford’s 31-year-old WBA, IBF and WBO champ is furious his summer undisputed showdown with the WBC Gypsy King has been KO'd by his contractual obligation to fight Deontay Wilder for a third time.

And the warring boxers swapped Twitter insults on Wednesday night as things heated up between the pair, with Fury making the offer of a massive-money straightener.

Joshua then retweeted a fan comment that called into question Fury’s claim to have donated his huge purse from his 2018 draw with Deontay Wilder to good causes.

The message Joshua reposted said: “20M the f***ing homeless are still waiting on the 7M you promised them two years ago you sham.”

Fury has unquestionably been charitable with his time and money, hosting daily Instagram workouts for fans during lockdown and giving cash to the homeless around his Morecambe home.

But, before his incredible performance against the Bronze Bomber, he vowed to donate his huge pay cheque to build an addiction and housing centre in the UK and help the heartbreaking homelessness problem in L.A.

Ahead of the Staples Centre bout he said: “I couldn’t care less about the money. I don’t have much use for it.

"I’m planning to give it all away to the poor and to build houses for the homeless."

And following the incredible fight in which he picked himself off the canvas twice, he insisted again that he had given away his earnings, telling a Cardiff crowd: "I did give away my last purse but I don’t do charity work for a pat on the back.

"I do it to help people but I do not want praise for it, I don’t want to be called a do-gooder."

The following May – after Fury had insulted Barry Hearn, the father of AJ’s promoter Eddie – the Matchroom boss claimed Fury had bluffed over the giant donation that no charity has ever come forward and confirmed.

Eddie Hearn said: “One minute he's giving his entire purse away to charity, which he obviously never did, and on the other hand he's now going back to his ways of negativity."

Fury also claimed on that California trip that he spotted a homeless man with a bleeding foot and donated a pair of his giant designer shoes to the lost soul.

He revealed: “We were in Starbucks having a coffee minding our own business just looking out the window and there was this old fella outside with no shoes on him – one shoe off, one foot bleeding.

“Everyone was looking at him like ‘get rid of him,’ he walked off and I thought that’s somebody’s child, that’s a human being.

“So I said ‘I want you to have these shoes, they're a brand new pair of these bad boys’.

"I just walked down the street. He probably sold them later on for five dollars."

But, despite the huge media interest around the fight, no TV or stills cameras caught the 6ft 9in superstar walking around Hollywood barefooted.

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