Adam Gase makes bold declaration as Jets open training camp

The Jets have missed the playoffs for eight straight seasons and have not even contended for the playoffs in the last three years.

New coach Adam Gase plans on changing that this season.

“We’re going to play meaningful games in the end of November and December,” Gase said. “That’s what we’re going to do.”

The Jets reported to training camp Wednesday hoping the franchise can turn things around after winning just 14 games over the last three years.

They have made major changes with Gase as the new coach and Joe Douglas joining the organization in June as the new general manager.

“There’s some good juice in our building right now,” Gase said. “We’re ready. We’re 0-0. It’s going to be all about how we come together. We all know we’re starting at 0-0 and it’s time to go to work and see where the chips fall.”

Gase said he likes what he saw this spring.

“These guys work,” Gase said. “I like how they work. I love how meetings went in the spring. I love the attention to detail. I love how our players went out on the field and put their heads down and grinded. I love the way we compete. Those are good attributes to have before we actually put the pads on. Now, it’s going to be when we get going in camp how we handle adversity. That’s really going to be the key for us. How are we going to handle it when something goes wrong? Which way are we going to go? Who’s going to step up? That’s what we need to know.”

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