A-Rod all-in on Nathan Eovaldi: He could make or break Yankees

Alex Rodriguez wants to add a new member to the Yankees family. And maybe even his own.

The baseball legend turned ESPN and Fox analyst not only thinks Nathan Eovaldi could be the stolen piece that leapfrogs the Yankees over the Red Sox, but he’s the type of person he would want to join his own family tree.

Rodriguez, who played alongside Eovaldi in pinstripes in 2015 and ’16, did not seem to hesitate with where the Yankees’ priorities should lie following the Nationals winning the Patrick Corbin auction on Tuesday.

“The key guy that can swing something is Eovaldi,” A-Rod said on ESPN Radio’s “The Michael Kay Show.”

“He’s 28 years old, he’s got No. 1 stuff, he can obviously pitch out of the bullpen. He’s got a rubber arm and maybe the balance [of the AL East] goes on who can land Eovaldi.”

Eovaldi was brilliant for Boston in the postseason, both out of the rotation and bullpen, making six total appearances for 22 1/3 innings and a 1.61 ERA, proving to be the trade piece from Tampa that pushed the Red Sox over the top.

The Yankees had landed J.A. Happ from Toronto as their deadline addition, and while he pitched well, he was not the difference-maker Eovaldi was.

“Happ did such a nice job it’s hard to go wrong,” Rodriguez said, when asked to pick between the two. “When in doubt I go with talent over emotion. And for me, I think the 28-year-old stud that throws 102 with a devastating split, who’s also New York proven like Happ.

“Here’s what I like about Eovaldi: He’s a Texas guy, he’s got Nolan Ryan makeup. And playing with this young man — Michael, you and I both have daughters. He’s the kind of kid with the makeup that you want your daughter to get married to. He’s a gem.”

It would be a reunion for Eovaldi and the Yankees, who let the right-hander go after Tommy John surgery in 2016. If they don’t land Eovaldi or Happ, Dallas Keuchel and Japanese starter Yusei Kikuchi are around, and Indians pitchers Carlos Carrasco and Corey Kluber are believed to be available in trades.

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