Your Libra Monthly Horoscope for July

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As a Libra, you are all about keeping things fair, balanced, and—whenever possible—totally diplomatic. Unfortunately, between back-to-back eclipses and Mercury Retrograde, the last few weeks have been anything but peaceful. Chaos has reigned supreme, and it’s definitely taken its toll…you’re absolutely exhausted! But there’s good news, Libra love: On July 9, a New Moon in Cancer aligns the Sun and Moon in the area of your chart associated with legacy, reputation, and success, presenting you with an exciting opportunity to take your achievements to the next level. Whether you’re talking to your supervisor about a promotion, fine-tuning your resume, or even preparing to launch your own enterprise, this lunation is an invitation to soar. Whether or not the dust has totally settled doesn’t matter—you have what it takes to write your own success story. Go for it, Libra!

Next up, Leo season kicks off on July 22, when the Sun slides into this vivacious fire sign. As an air sign, you love to fan flames, so Leo energy pairs perfectly with your own, inviting you to step into like-minded communities with confidence and creativity. Consider ways you can cultivate your network: How can you continue to broaden your horizons and expand your reach? Whether you’re leaning into social media or tapping into local government, the next few weeks are all about thinking on a macro level. This is more than firming up brunch plans—it’s about implementing real, meaningful change.

The very next day, July 23, the Full Moon in Aquarius creates a dynamic opposition between solar (external) and lunar (internal) narratives. With these two powerful realities connected, you’ll be inspired to fuse art and activism. This is an excellent time to hone your unique identity, considering your special skills, abilities, talents, and (perhaps most importantly) perspective. What’s your point of view? What are your hot takes? How does your self-expression uplift others? Don’t be afraid to explore your limitless innovation—a second Full Moon in Aquarius will occur next month (on August 22), empowering you to reach new heights. Simply put, Libra darling, your art is important!

Finally, after a short jaunt through Pisces, Jupiter (the planet of expansion) moves back into Aquarius on July 28, where it will remain for the rest of 2021. This is major for you, Libra. Aquarius is a like-minded air sign that activates the area of your chart associated with creativity, so generous Jupiter will invite you to connect with abundant passion. Does this mean you’ll finally finish that play you’ve been writing? Launch your podcast? Drop that album? Only time will tell, Libra love, but with Jupiter on your side, don’t be afraid to go big! This transit only happens once every twelve years, so be sure to make it count!

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