You can buy a Brewdog IPA making kit for Father’s Day and it costs less than £40

Father’s Day is fast approaching on June 20, and if you’re stuck on the perfect gift to buy your dad a nifty little kit from Brewdog is sure to go down a treat.

Why take your dad to the pub, when you can bring the pub straight to his door?

For the dad who likes his hops, you can now buy BrewDog's Punk IPA Beer Making Kit for just £39.99 from quirky gifting website Firebox – how good is that?

The boozy collaboration is between two of the bigger powerhouses in the beer world, one being the distillery, Brewdog and the Brooklyn Brew Shop, a NY based retailer specialising in drink making kits.

As the run up to Father's Day begins, other retailers have also started to stock the affordable kit including Amazon (£39.99), MenKind (£39.75) and Brooklyn Brew Shop for $48 (around £34).

Included in the kit is everything dad will need to recreate BrewDog’s signature beer, although some basic kitchen utensils will also be required (2x 10 litre containers, large mesh strainer and large funnel).

With the ingredients you'll be able to make just under two 6-packs of beer all together, which is a reasonable amount – especially if he's up for sharing.

If you're not familiar with their signature beer, Brewdog describes it as: "A golden classic subverted with new world hops to create devastating Kalashnikov bursts of caramel, incendiary tropical fruit and an all-out riot of grapefruit, pineapple and lychee, before a spiky bitter finish."

In other words, it's the go to drink for Father's Day and summer this year.

To find out more about what's inside the box, we've listed the contents of the kit below.

Included in the Brewdog IPA Kit box you'll find:

  • All-Grain Ingredient Mix
  • Gallon (3.8 L) Glass Fermenter
  • Glass Spirit-Filled Thermometer
  • Vinyl Tubing
  • Racking Cane and Tip
  • Chambered Airlock
  • Brooklyn Brew Shop Cleanser
  • Screw-Cap Stopper

And if that wasn't enough, for the dad who loves to hop on a journey of discovery – why not treat him to one of BrewDog's ever popular beer bundles? Bundles start from as little as £27.95 and there's something for every beer fan.

Failing that, if your dad is more of a bourbon fan, Firebox has created a bourbon which is infused with real bourbon biscuits.

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