Yes, Lizzo Had a Full Diana Ross Moment at the 2021 Grammy Awards


It's not exactly an exaggeration to call Lizzo the queen of TikTok (her videos have truly kept us going this past year), but let's not forget that the singer, rapper, and flutist rules the red carpet, too. It's a fact that she further proved at the 2021 Grammy Awards, when she (virtually) popped up in a ruched, green, strapless Balmain dress paired with Stuart Weitzman sandals and Bvlgari jewels.

"The only key words she really gave me was, 'I want to look iconic and sexy,'" stylist Brett Nelson told InStyle prior to the awards show, where Lizzo is set to present. "I reached out to Olivier Rousteing, [Creative Director of Balmain], and said 'I really wanted to do an amazing look.' We definitely did something that rings true to the iconic love of disco that both Lizzo and I have, and there's definitely some reference to Diana Ross in there. I wanted her to feel like a legend."


There's also a reason that Nelson went with a mint green color for this jaw-dropping Grammys moment.

"Lizzo, to me, exudes happiness, and I wanted to do something that felt happy so we went with really good colors. But Balmain put out a new collection and used this fabric that almost looks like liquid metal. It's really beautiful, and again, it rings very true to disco glam."


Of course, Lizzo being Lizzo didn't just strike a few poses in this shiny piece. She also showed fans how moveable it was as well, posting a few TikTok videos of her dancing in the fun, fabulous design.

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