Woman’s fury after electrician leaves disturbing note asking to ‘have some fun’

A woman was left in shock when an electrician tried to hit on her despite knowing she's married.

Maceon McCracken, from US, shared her traumatic experience on TikTok to expose the tradie.

She detailed in a video that it happened when she was working at her husband's furniture store.

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"While my husband, Colton, and his dad, Dave, were out in the showroom, the electrician showed up and he needed to make an adjustment to the fan that's above my head right now," Maceon said.

"I started moving beds and couches so he can get his forklift in.

"I asked him 'come give me a hand with these beds' and he makes a comment like 'oh I'd much rather take direction from you anyway'."

She found that comment weird but chose to ignore him and continued to work in the office.

A short time later when the electrician asked to use the bathroom, he told Maceon that "you are gorgeous", adding: "It broke my heart when they told me out there that you were married.

"But that doesn't bother me and if you ever want to hang out sometime, let me know.

"I stuck a note for you in the cushions of a couch out there that we moved."

Maceon was furious and told her husband about the electrician's confession.

She avoided contact until the tradie left the place, then she found the note in the couch.

The note read: "Not trying to get you in[to] trouble but you are absolutely beautiful even though you're married.

"If you ever want to just have some fun or anything, I'd love to."

Husband Colton talked to the electrician and warned him "no more leaving notes to my wife on my couches".

The tradie apologised and said it's a "misunderstanding".

Viewers suggested the couple to file a complaint to the tradie's boss and report his misconduct.

"I would have sent that note to his boss," one said.

Another suggested: "I would have left a review on Google, talk to his HR if he had one and found a new electrician."

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