Woman who bought Morrisons eggs surprised as duckling hatches & keeps it as pet

A Morrisons shopper was flabbergasted when she managed to hatch a duckling from an egg she bought at her local supermarket – and she’s now keeping it as a pet.

Adele Phillips picked up a pack of free-range Clarence Court duck eggs from her local store in Port Talbot, Wales.

The 28-year-old then stumbled across a video about “incubation” on social media.

She wanted to see if her supermarket-bought egg would hatch as shown in viral clips online.

So the processor and on-call firefighter decided to stuck them in an airing cupboard for a few days before an incubator she’d ordered arrived.

Adele “didn’t think it was going to work” so was completely shocked when one of the eggs hatched into a healthy chick.

Adele said: "I saw someone doing a challenge on tiktok and thought I would give it a go.

"When we bought the egg my mum was just like 'are you sure?' I knew I had to keep them warm on the way home although as they had already been on a shelf for a few days I didn't think it was going to work.

"They then went into the airing cupboard but as I had never done anything like this before I was so shocked when I discovered one was fertile."

The shopper purchased the eggs on March 28 and one hatched on April 29.

She realised the egg was fertile by shining a torch on it to see if there were any veins inside.

Adele watched over it in the incubator for 30 days and made sure to turn it three or four times daily to regulate the temperature.

She said: "I knew a couple of days before it was going to hatch but you are told to leave it alone.

"I was worried and looked through the hole but didn't touch it. I was worried it would die or come out deformed but he was 100% healthy.

"I did it all from just looking online to see what to do.

"It is now one week old and is in a box with a heat lamp, they need a lot of heat when they are babies.

“It has swim time in the evening when I put it in water and I give it food like strawberries and spinach.

"You are also told to feed them scrambled eggs which I found a bit weird.”

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Adele has named the duckling Braddock Morris after its breed – or Little Morris for short.

She has decided to keep the chick as a pet instead of giving him away.

Adele said: "During the whole process everyone was looking at me, thinking 'are you insane?'

"I was just giving it a go as a little experiment, but they all thought I would just end up with a boiled egg.

"Well I definitely proved them wrong and everyone was very shocked.

"I am amazed and it really hit me when I saw come out of its shell. I thought 'what have I done? It is just mad. My pet could easily have been on someone's toast."

The animal lover added: "I was going to give them to a farm but I decided I wanted to keep him. I feel for him pretty quick…

"I have also bought him a buddy from a pet shop called Beryl so he doesn't get depressed being alone.

"I did not really plan this – but now I have two and I wouldn't swap them for the world, certainly not for any fried egg on toast.

"I now can't walk past the egg aisle in any shop without wanting to get more."

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