Woman slammed for giving £3,000 engagement ring back because it’s ‘too cheap’

A bloke's difficult experience has gone viral after he explained that his partner returned her £3,000 engagement ring because she thought it was “too cheap”.

In the Reddit post, the groom-to-be asked if he was an “a**hole” for not spending more on his beloved other half.

He said: “My partner and I have been talking about getting engaged for the last year or so.

"I have quite a good job so could easily afford an expensive engagement ring and if I was following the 10% rule then I should spend around 10-15k on the ring."

He continued: "However, my parents, sister and nephew have all had Covid this year so I was financially supporting all of them for a while, my sister has lost her job so I'm still supporting her a bit and my job has announced that they will be laying off around 150 people next year and while I feel confident that I'm not one of them, I don't want to guarantee it either."

“So long story short I spent about £3,000 on a nice little white gold ring with diamonds and a sapphire (her birthstone).

"Initially she was very happy with it until her mother (a jeweller) called it cheap.

"She has since given it back to me and accused me of undervaluing her and what she does for me."

The man said that his fiancé was refusing to speak with him.

She claimed he had treated her like “cheap trash”.

However, most of the replies on Reddit said the man had done nothing wrong and his bride was acting ungrateful.

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One person said: “"How the actual f*** is £3,000 cheap?”

“Yeah £10,000 is way too much to spend on a ring even without Covid or the kid,” added another. “I would dump this gold digger tbh."

Another pointed out that he was supporting his family through a global pandemic ad his partner should recognise this.

A fourth added: "It was nice of her to show her true colours before you legally tied the knot. Bounce or at least delay any wedding until she grows-the-fork-up (sic)".

"She should be a little more understanding… this is giving me red flags.

“Money isn't everything and it's clear that you care about her. Her mother needs to mind her own business."

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