Woman sings the praises of easy trick to remove wax out of fabric

Woman reveals genius hack for getting candle wax out of fabric in MINUTES – using nothing more than a knife, a paper towel and an iron

  • US woman discovered the trick after phoning an upholstery company 
  • She filmed a tutorial on how to remove a candle wax stain from her fabric chair
  • In the video she recommends allowing the wax to dry before scraping it off with a knife and using a hot iron to remove any excess
  • The thrilled woman filming exclaims: ‘I’m so excited’ as the wax comes out 

A woman has revealed her incredibly simple tip for removing candle wax from fabric using nothing but an iron, paper towels and a knife. 

Facebook page Soul Sisters shared the video tutorial earlier this week, which sees the unnamed US-based woman sharing her cleaning hack.

In the video she can be heard exclaiming: ‘I could not believe it. It’s so easy and cheap’.

The trick, which is perfect for removing spilled candle wax from fabric, could help save others hundreds in upholstery cleaning bills.   

DIY- How to remove candle wax from furniture

The nasty candle wax stain once spilled looks set to ruin any fabric – but one woman has shared her handy tips for removing the wax

The unknown woman filming the tutorial claims she had called an upholestry company to clean her fabric chair, but when they told her what they planned to do, she decided to try it herself for free. 

Using just a butter knife, and an iron, the woman is able to remove the huge stain from her fabric chair.  

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First, she recommends allowing the wax to completely dry into the fabric. 

Next, the women begins scraping off the excess wax using a butter knife. Then, she takes two paper towels, and places them over the stain. 

Using a hot iron, she begins to iron over the top of the wax stain, melting the wax into the paper towel. 

In the video the woman can first be seen scraping off the excess wax with a butter knife

Next, she places a paper towel over the stain, and takes an hot iron to the area 

The wax comes off onto the paper towel, before she starts again using another sheet of paper towel.

The woman recommends ironing out the candle wax, which should come ‘right out’.

She says: ‘Just keep doing that until all of the candle has come off, and then you’re good to go.’ 

Excited to see the candle wax stain disappearing, she sings: ‘Yay, it’s gone, it’s clean’.     

The hot iron begins to melt the wax. Once it’s come through one paper towel, the woman is quick to replace it with another.

Once the first paper towel has soaked up the melted wax, she moves on to another piece scrubbing until the stain is removed completely 

As she removes the stain viewers can hear her praising how much cheaper this method is than called an upholstery company, saying: ‘I love to save money like that’. 

Other users have commented on the video with their advice. 

One wrote: ‘My mum has been doing this for years to get grease off clothes with a brown paper bag’

Another said: ‘Thank you for the tips you all’.  

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