Woman in hysterics after finding X-rated item is sold in toilet vending machine

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A confused Scottish woman took to TikTok to demand answers after spotting a "petite and powerful" sex toy for purchase in some public toilets.

Kimbo, who posts on the app as @Kbfilms92, showed how the dispenser had condoms and tampons – which she totally understood the need for.

But she was left asking what situation anyone would be in to need to buy a vibrator, after spotting it was also being sold.

In her hilarious response, which received over 5,000 likes, she said: "You know what I'll never understand. Right. In a toilet, you know what? That's good to have, you know, condoms and it's good to have like tampons.

"You might be in a situation where you need one of these things, you know. I don't wear condoms. I don't know what they are, but I'm sure there are situations where women who sh*g men need them and they use them and thank God, they're in this machine here.

"Here's what I don't understand. A mini vibrating bullet massager. It's orgasmic. It's pocket-sized, petite and powerful.

"Where does someone in that situation, when they're like girls, I haven't got my vibrating bullet with me I just don't get it."

Women of TikTok flocked to the comments with jokes to explain why they were there and share their experiences buying the item.

One user quipped: "Those are also for the women going home with men."

Another wrote: "I bought one on a work night out about 20 years ago coz the guys didn't believe me when I told them. Inflation has struck here – mine was £1."

A third commented: "Anything to get me through work tbh."

A fourth added: "Maybe if the man isn’t doing it right."

But some of the commenters claim to have bought even weirder items from the dispensers – like inflatable sheep.

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One user said: "There was an inflatable sheep in one of those machines somewhere in Oban."

Another added: "I can’t say anything I bought a inflatable sheep from one years ago lol."

A third wrote: "Naw one of ma local bars has ones w blow up dolls and one of ems shaped like a sheep."

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