Woman horrified to find her apartment empty after being ‘mistakenly cleared out’

A woman was shocked when she returned home to find her apartment completely empty with all her belongings and furnitures cleared out.

Myrohn Guthrie, who lives a three-bed townhome in Kansas City, Kansas, made the discovery on Saturday (October 23) and claimed her place had been professionally cleaned with no trace of forced entry.

She posted on TikTok and said: "My apartment complex cleaned out the wrong apartment. Me and my kids' stuff are literally gone. A fully furnished apartment empty."

All the furniture, kitchenware, bedding, clothes, as well as her two child's toys were all missing.

"I have two kids, all of our stuff are just gone – our birth certificates, clothes, shoes," she added. "I have to literally start over from scratch."

She also explained in a follow-up clip: "I called my mum and I was super upset. I didn't know what to do.

"My apartment complex office wasn't open because it was Saturday, so I waited until Monday which was yesterday and I went up there and I was like 'What the f***? Where is all my stuff at?'."

The staff originally suggested she call the police and file a report with them but Myrohm declined, telling them that it was not a burglary.

The mum-of-two was convinced that the maintenance team had come to clean out the place.

She continued: "Then after two hours, they finally were like 'oh my God, we made a mistake. We meant to clean out apartment 1341.'

"My unit number is 1331, so they were just telling me they were so sorry that they messed up. But they didn't offer me anything."

The company allegedly asked Myrohn to write down all her missing items on paper so they could try to reimburse her.

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In an interview with Fox4, she said she has been living in the address for two years and estimated that $32,000 (£23,268) worth of her belongings were trashed.

Myrohn and her two daughters are now staying with their family.

A spokesperson for Seldin Company, who is responsible for the housing complex, told Fox4 that they are "investigating and working toward a resolution" for Myrohn.

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