Woman gives kitchen huge makeover in less than a day – using B&Q bargains

A single mum who loves DIY revealed how she completely revamped her kitchen using only budget B&Q bargains – and it took her less than a day to finish the job.

Eleanor Bromley, 28, was inspired by the likes of Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon when she took on the project alone.

The savvy mum said she saved hundreds of pounds by going down the budget route, and she even made some new shelves out of leftover wood.

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According to the Liverpool Echo, Eleanor is a member of various groups on Facebook related to home improvements.

It was content like this that inspired her to give her kitchen a makeover all by herself.

She said: "My lounge has got lots of neutral, earthy tones and the kitchen is attached.

"I tried to keep the style flowing through to the kitchen.

"Before, I had cabinets and drawers with a pine wood effect and grey countertops.

"I wanted to make it look a little different by giving the counters that wooden feel, and turning the cabinets white to make the space look bigger.

"I had seen people using vinyl wrap in their kitchens, and I realised I could save a lot of money by doing this myself.

"I bought most of the supplies from B&Q and the total price was around £70."

The first thing she snapped up was D-C-Fix Whitewood Gloss White Wood Effect Self-Adhesive Film.

It came in at £6.50 per roll, so she bought seven after she worked out how much she needed.

The D-C-Fix Woodgrain Artisan Oak Self Adhesive Vinyl Wrap Film, for the counters, was a little more expensive as it came in at £7 a roll, but she only needed three to pull off the job.

She also picked up a D-C-Fix Self-Adhesive Film Decorator Knife Set for just £3.50.

After bagging all she needed to take on the project, she soon got down and dirty and started to work her magic.

To make sure she got the wrapping process right, she watched various YouTube videos to get the gist of what to do.

Eleanor added: "I made sure every surface was scrubbed clean and then I dried it thoroughly.

"Some people use sugar soap for this stage, but I just used plain soap and water.

"After that, I lined up the paper on the surface I was covering and cut away any excess.

"Then, I very slowly peeled away a couple of inches at a time and smoothed it down with a special tool using the decorator knife set."

Even though it now looks amazing, she admits it was tough at times.

This is because the kitchen has some "strange angles", and bubbles would also form under the paper which were difficult to remove.

She said if you see bubbles under the paper, you have to peel it back and completely do the section again to make sure it's right.

Eleanor also managed to get a free extractor fan from somebody on Facebook Marketplace, and she got some help to make sure it was fitted properly.

She then used some spare wood she had to make some shelves and add a little extra decoration, and she couldn't be happier with how it's all turned out.

"I am so pleased with the outcome," Eleanor added.

"It was a lot of work – over 20 hours on my own, mostly after my two-year-old went to sleep.

"But it feels worth all my efforts after seeing the results."


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