Woman fuming as as ‘Insta-mum’ spoils son’s Easter egg hunt to take photo

Most kids love to spend Easter Sunday embarking on a hunt to find all their eggs before they're allowed to scoff them.

And as well as fun for the kids, it can provide some adorable opportunities for cute photos.

However, some mums and dads might take it a little bit too far when trying to get the perfect picture for Instagram, as one woman found out when she took her three-year-old on an Easter trail.

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The unnamed mum was left fuming after the day was spoiled by an 'Insta-mum' who disrupted her son's egg hunt as she didn't want him to be in her photo, according to The Mirror.

Taking to Mumsnet, the unnamed woman asked if she was being unreasonable to be annoyed about the incident, where an "Insta-mum" asked her child to "get out of shot".

She explained: "We're on an Easter trail. I get that, for lots of people, it's all about the photos. But seriously, there were A LOT of plastic tat photo-ops available.

"Son is busy 'trying to read' a sign, when Insta-mum comes up, kids in tutus, bends down to son and tells him to get out of shot.

"Didn't even look around for a parent or whatever!"

The mum continued to say: "I dutifully removed him, don't worry.

"Is she a cheeky f**k, or is it just me not getting with the times?"

Dozens of people replied to the mum's post, with many branding the other parent "entitled" for her behaviour.

"Very entitled, she could have waited for him to finish reading the sign," one person replied.

Another said: "If she wanted a turn without anyone else there in a public place she should have waited for it. It's so rude to expect kids to stop their fun and move out of your way."

Someone else added: "I'd have plopped myself down right in shot, scratching my belly with one hand and my backside with the other whilst pulling faces. Can't be doing with bl**dy Insta posers."

More Easter drama comes this week after a man and wife argued over his method for cracking Easter eggs – which she labelled 'weird'.

Who knew simple Easter traditions could cause so much chaos, eh?


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