Woman filmed by a stranger during her workout left her in tears

Woman, 22, who discovered a man filming her at the gym reveals she felt forced to swap her Spandex and sports bra for a baggy sweater and take her brother with her for support

  • Stephanie Lim, 22, from California, claims a man took photos of her working out
  • Nursing student reported the incident to staff at the Vallejo City Sports gym
  • Took her brother on first day back to gym, but the man hasn’t been seen since 

A woman has gone viral on social media after revealing that she was left in tears by a man taking pictures of her working out at the gym.

Stephanie Lim, 22, from California, took to TikTok with a clip filmed on 28 January 2022 in Vallejo City Sports gym.

The nursing student had been washing her hands after a workout in her local gym when another woman followed her into the bathroom to warn her about a man taking photos.

She was so shaken by the experience that she immediately changed into a baggy sweater to cover up, and was left in tears and feeling uncomfortable.

‘It was just another day of going to the gym for me and I was finishing up with my ab workout and stretches,’ Stephanie said.

Stephanie Lim, 22, (pictured) from California, has gone viral on TikTok after revealing that she was filmed by a man in her local gym while working out

Stephanie had been washing her hands in the bathroom of Vallejo City Sports gym, when a woman told her about the man (pictured) recording her 

‘I usually never make eye contact or look around in the gym because I am a very timid person. I just minded my own business and headed towards the bathroom to wash my hands as I always do after a gym session.

‘As I was washing my hands, a girl came into the bathroom to tell me that she witnessed a man in an orange sweater who was recording or taking pictures of me as I was doing my ab workout and stretches.’

The woman told Stephanie how she was working out behind the man and saw him taking photos, and felt it was only right to let Stephanie know.

Stephanie said: ‘I was in total shock because I’ve seen stories of this happening on TikTok, but never thought it would ever happen to me.

‘[Friends] suggested that I tell the staff at the front desk about what happened since I told them that I was uncomfortable to confront the man myself.

‘As I began walking to the front desk, I tried to get a picture of the man to show the front desk to see if they could identify him in case he leaves.

Stephanie who had been wearing a sports bra at the time, said the man’s actions made her feel uncomfortable so she wore a t-shirt for her first visit back to the gym

Stephanie said she began to cry while explaining what had happened to staff at the front desk 

‘As I got to the front desk and explained what had happened, I began to cry because it hit me how gross it made me feel.’

The two female workers at the front desk comforted Stephanie and reassured her that they were going to take measures and contact the manager.

She continued: ‘One of the workers was going to take a look at the guy to see if she recognized him, but she said she didn’t. The other worker said that she was going to contact the manager to handle this situation.

‘They said that they were going to confront the man and make sure he deletes the photos, but I told the workers that I did not want to be present during the confrontation because I was scared that my safety was going to be jeopardized if he saw me.

One of the workers said they didn’t recognise the man, while another told Stephanie they would contact the manager to handle the situation  

Stephanie received a call from the manager saying that they couldn’t find the man but promised to ban him from the gym if they ever saw him again 

‘I gave my name and number to the staff to update me on what they do and what happens, and I later got a call from the manager about 30 minutes after I left the gym to hear that they tried to look for the man and he wasn’t there.

‘I sent them a picture of what he looked like and they said that if they ever see him again, they would delete the footage and ban him from the gym.

‘I was surprised they did not confront him right after I left, But the manager ensured that the whole staff knows about the situation and knows what he looks like from the picture I sent, and that they have him as a person to watch out for in the gym.’

Stephanie wore a T-shirt instead of a sports bra the first day she went back to the gym, however she has since gone back to wearing what she likes

Stephanie decided to bring her brother with her to the gym, but the man hasn’t been seen on the premises since the incident 

The nursing student decided to take her brother with her to the gym the next time she visited because she was scared, but the man hasn’t been seen on the premises since.

Stephanie said: ‘The first day back to the gym after the incident I wore a T-shirt instead of my regular sports bra and spandex that I feel comfortable in.

‘The day after, I realised I shouldn’t have to change what I wear because men don’t know how to be respectful and went back to what I like wearing.’

Even though the incident left her in shock, she hasn’t let it stop her from working out and going to the gym.

The TikTok, shared on Stephanie’s account, gained over 2.6 million views and over 500,000 likes.

One TikTok user said: ‘Good job speaking up girl! Proud of you’.

A second viewer added: ‘It’s scary how women can’t do anything without having the fear of men, I feel so sorry, stay safe.’

‘The way they comforted you makes me so happy, this happens so often and I always tell girls at my gym if I see a guy filming them,’ said another user.

One viewer commented: ‘I’m glad the staff were actually helpful, it seems too common that they don’t help.’

Another added: ‘Good on you for standing up for yourself and talking to the staff about it, stay strong.’

Stephanie racked up almost 3 million views on a video uploaded to TikTok that explains her experience 

A stream of commenters have praised Stephanie for speaking out and telling staff at the gym about what had happened 

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