Woman epically trolls scammer who asks for £1k with genius comebacks

An influencer has taken to her social media account to reveal how she epically trolled a scammer who tried to con her out of more than £1,000.

Social media star Kate, known as @fullplatekate, took to her Instagram story to warn fans about a scam going around.

Kate showed her 15,500 followers that she had been messaged by a scanner asking for money who was pretending to be her daughter.

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The message from the scammer read: "I'm locked out of everything mum, it's very urgent, I really need your help.

"Can you text me back asap."

Kate told her fans: "Got one of these spam texts and I'm playing their dirty little game."

The influencer replied to the scammer: "Oh dear darling. I have a spare key for you here if you need it.

"Everything ok? Is this a new number?"

The scammer said it was a temporary number as their phone was broken.

They asked her: "Wanted to ask if I can please use your card to order a new phone please. I will pay you back."

Kate asked the scammer what phone they were looking at and played along by asking about a fictional dog as she wrote: "How's Porridge?"

They scammer said they wanted the new iPhone which is £1,400 and asked to use Kate's card.

She replied: "1400 is a lot! Might have yo ask your dad! x"

They chimed back: "I can go for a cheaper alternative, how much would you be able to help with?"

Kate said: "Well can you manage with your temporary shine until your birthday? Me and your dad are just talking now. Pasta bake for tea."

Kate then told the scammer she'd sent £1,000 to their normal bank account as they replied: "I can use my account!"

She concluded by saying: "Reported their numbers to the National Cyber Security Centre.

"If you receive any spam texts like this, forward them to 7726 (UK).

Kate is usually known for her body positive content, with the influencer previously going naked as she slammed 'society's unrealistic expectations of beauty'.


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