Woman branded ‘genius’ for ‘tampon flask’ hack that sneaks booze into venues

With the cost of living crisis raging on, many people have become worried about how they are going to afford the upkeep of day to day life.

So that means treating yourself to nights out may be more difficult with more money being spent on energy bills and food shops.

But still wanting to treat herself to a good outing without breaking the bank, Alyssa Abendschein has revealed her “genius” hack to party on a budget.

In a TikTok clip that has now racked up 5.5million views, Alyssa shared her trick to sneak in alcohol to venues so she does not have to pay out for a pricey tipple.

She explained: “When you’re an independent woman and don’t need no man to buy your drinks but also, inflation…”

Alyssa demonstrated her sneaky hack which saw her pour vodka into see-through plastic tubes – that fit perfectly inside a tampon wrapper.

As she used a pink shot cup to funnel the alcohol into the clear tubes, she showed masses of empty tubes ready to be filled and put into the sanitary product packaging to conceal the store bought alcohol.

She captioned the clip: "Tampon flasks for the win."

Stunned at the innovation Alyssa presented, many women fled to the comments to praise her efforts – and thanked her for the inspiration.

One person commented: “I’m actually extremely impressed and I applaud you ladies.”

Another user giggled: “I passed menopause 10 years ago but I feel a period coming on.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “Genius.”

Someone else praised: “I was so worried that you were gonna make liquor infused tampons. This is genius.”

And, a fifth user questioned: “I’m just thinking ‘you taking 2 full boxes of tampons yo the clurb?’”

Alyssa revealed: “There were 12 of us so spread them out among the group.”

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