Wine lovers divided as world’s first tender stem broccoli tipple is launched

It’s an interesting day in the world of wine, with a completely new flavour released that draws inspiration from a favourite green vegetable and a much loved white wine.

Tendernayis described as a “suitably tender, sweet and succulent drink” and is made from “Chardonnay married with the distinctive notes of Tenderstem”. For those who are unaware what Tenderstem is, the retailer described itself as “broccoli, but better”.

This unique blend of flavours from the vegetable patch with a type of grape is sure to leave fans confused. The brains behind Tendernay chose to launch the wine to coincide with English Wine Week, taking place from 18 to 26 June.

Described as a combination of the “best of British”, retailer Tenderstem explained how they made the wine.

“Made by extracting the delicious sweet and nutty flavours from Tenderstem®, the resulting liquid has been perfectly balanced with the complexity of the 2019 Chardonnay from the coveted Lyme Bay Winery.”

The limited-edition tipple features hundreds of Tenderstem stalks, which have been infused with the award-winning grapes, and will be available for free for those looking to wine and dine their tastebuds.

Tenderstem’s David Samuels added: “Tenderstem® broccoli is a British suppertime favourite, and we continue to pride ourselves on its nutty, succulent flavour. So, what better way to use its iconic notes and flavours and launch our very own Tenderstem® tipple?

“With the iconic English Wine Week upcoming, it felt like the right time to celebrate the nation’s trendiest vegetable, alongside wines created from our very own soil.”

The brand went on to suggest pairing the wine with “light, creamy pasta dishes and white fish”.

Tenderstem has confirmed that Tendernay will be spotted on shelves later this summer.

The brand that calls itself “broccoli’s tastier cousin” is described as “a lush, luxurious and leggy vegetable that stands head and shoulders above all others”

Tenderstem broccoli has a distinct and unique taste. “It’s the broccoli that’s succulently sweet and slightly nutty, not bland or bitter” and is available all year round and hand-picked.


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