Wild One Has a Useful and Chic Gift Set for Every Dog Owner on Your Holiday Shopping List

The Best Sellers Set

Unsure what to get the dog owners on your shopping list this holiday season? Wild One has some answers. The pet essentials company has put together new gift sets, featuring their most popular products, to make holiday shopping for pet lovers a snap. 

This Wild One collection features three of the products that dog onwers buy the most: Wild One’s lightweight dog harness, Triangle Tug toy, and their eco-friendly poop bags. 

Buy it! The Best Sellers Set, $78.00

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The New Puppy Set

Make the life of a new puppy parent a bit easier with this gift set that includes products to keep new dogs fed, clean, and playful. 

Buy it! The New Puppy Set, $39.00 

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The Walk and Play Set

Help dog owners get out and about with this gift set, which features Wild One’s Harness Walk Kit along with a few toys to enjoy at the dog park. 

Buy it! The Walk and Play Set, $149.00

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The Perfect Gift Set

If Wild One’s staff of dog lovers was going to put their own gift set together, this would be it. This collection features Wild One’s bowl, chew toy, and Fruit Salad Treats. 

Buy it! The Perfect Gift Set, $53.00

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The Sh*t Free 2021 Set

Make sure no poop goes unpicked up by giving pooch parents enough poop bags to last all of next year. 

Buy it! The Sh*t Free 2021 Set, $68.00

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The Collar Walk and Play Set

For pups who prefer collars over harnesses, Wild One has a gift set for that. Like the Walk and Play Set, this collection features toys and Wild One’s leash but swaps out the brand’s harness with their signature collar. 

Buy it! The Collar Walk and Play Set, $139.00

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The Stocking Stuffer Set

Looking for a Secret Santa gift for a dog owner? Look no further. This smaller set includes Wild One’s treats, poop bags, and a poop bag dispenser – shown here in Wild One’s new color, Spruce. 

Buy it! The Stocking Stuffer Set, $18.00

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The Spa Set

Help canines wind down after a long day of being a dog with this collection that includes treats, a toy, and a bottle of soothing dog shampoo. 

Buy it! The Spa Set, $45.00

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The Rescue Set

This set has everything a new rescue pet parent (or foster dog mom or dad) needs to keep their new pet content, including treats, toys, a leash, poop bags, and more. Plus, Wild One donates $10 to Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue for each Rescue Set purchased.

Buy it! The Rescue Set, $103.00

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The Traveler’s Set

Ensure you and your dog are always ready to go with this stylish carrier that comes stocked with treats, poop bags, and a toy. 

Buy it! The Traveler’s Set, $154.00

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