Why people are writing number sequences on their bodies

The TikTok algorithm sends the weirdest things to our for-you pages, from ‘scalp popping’ to ‘sociopathic’ fridge organisation. But one recent trend might be the most confusing yet.

A video by Benjamin_Hanz seems to have started the craze, which involves writing numerical sequences on the body.

Benjamin’s video – which has been viewed more than five million times – is captioned ‘Try not to use the wealth numbers though’, and starts off with a list of ‘codes’.

These numbers are next to things like ‘luxury lifestyle’, ‘youthful beauty’, ‘sex’, and ‘sleep’, with the creator adding: ‘They say if you write any of these numbers on the proper part you’ll get them.’

Benny, who has 240,000 followers on the platform, opts for the ‘good skin’ number, using a purple pen to write the digits on his neck.

According to the 19-year-old creator, the ‘magical cheat codes’ need to be written on the correct body part and in the right colour, and following the steps will prompt the world to bring you what you want.

Like manifestation… with Sharpies.

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Commenters were just as confused as us, and various theories popped up about the numbers having occult connections.

Look closer at the video and you might see what they mean. The first letters of each line spell out ‘selling your soul’ like an acrostic poem. Another code list Benjamin has posted spells the word Illuminati.

His other uploads also provide some clues into the seriousness of the method. There are a number of staged-looking videos with clickbait ‘OMG’ or ‘WOW’ thumbnails, and you’ll also find #viral in many of the captions.

The list of ‘magic codes’ in the video

  • Sleeping well – 8142543
  • Ease stress – 72337952
  • Love – 8884121289018
  • Losing weight – 4812412
  • Improving health – 5953277
  • New friends – 44297046
  • Good skin – 5594283
  • Youthful beauty – 83585179
  • On time/good luck – 21061416
  • Hair growth – 890157105
  • Rich/wealth – 5207418
  • Sex – 23883207
  • Overcoming problems – 5333353
  • Unbothered – 5583952
  • Luxury lifestyle – 5208147

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these things, they should act as signals not to take life advice from an obviously teenage TikToker – especially not without further research.

And once you do do look into the history of this manifesting technique, there’s a darker past beneath the clout-chasing.

The numerical sequences were created by mathematician Grigory Grabovoy, who claimed he was able to end death, cure cancer and AIDS, and teleport – as well as that he was the second coming of Jesus.

He was jailed for 11 years for fraud, after promising parents of victims in the 2004 Beslan school siege that he was able to resurrect their children – and taking money from the bereaved families.

Grabovoy Numbers were the brainchild of the controversial figure, based on a form of pseudoscience called radionics. His theory was that all people – and their body parts – share an electromagnetic field, and that these numbers act as cheat codes to distort energy and change the universe’s course.

Like any form of manifestation, there’s no empirical evidence to support it. So while it’s fun to play around with pens and make wishes, you’re not guaranteed a result.

Any changes in your life that occur after this are a coincidence, not a result of magic spells dreamed up by a convicted fraudster.

Embrace your spiritual side if that’s what you enjoy, but don’t rely on quack teachings and anecdotes from kids online to improve your life.

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