Who'll find love on our blind date?

Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Jan, 63, and Jake, 67, but will romance be on the cards

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JAN, 63 

Widowed in 2005. Single for two years, no children.

Dating Past?

I was 17 when I started seeing my late husband and we were together for 29 years before his death. We were pretty much a perfect match.

Today, I’m open-minded about dating men my age, but I generally prefer younger men. They do have to compete with my three cats.

Pre-Date Nerves?

No, I was meeting someone new in a posh restaurant — it’s a bucket- list experience.

Jan, 63 (pictured) widowed in 2005. She has been single for two years and has no children. She’s a retired business analyst – and now – a part-time model

First Impressions?

The first thing I did was look at the drinks menu and order a champagne cocktail. Who wouldn’t? The first thing I noticed about Jake was his striped jacket — it was loud and the kind of item I’d wear. He’s also a big guy.

Easy To Talk To?

Yes, but I’m afraid I was a bit bossy with Jake. I told him which menu I was ordering from for a three-course meal.

When I asked for a glass of red, Jake stepped in and said, ‘Why not order a bottle?’ I was onto my second glass when he told me he didn’t like wine. My perception was that this was a deliberate attempt to get me tipsy!

We got talking about our love of cruises. I’ve been to 96 countries and we swapped tales about the ships. Jake usually books the most expensive cabin, while I go for the cheapest.

Embarrassing Moments?

I took some selfies with Jake and I was a bit pushy when telling him how to pose.

Did Sparks Fly?

Not on my side. Chemistry is so hard to define. I do date men over 60 but there has to be a connection.

See him again?

No. He didn’t ask if he could see me again and I was very relieved. I didn’t feel we had enough in common for us to exchange numbers. He did ask me to go on elsewhere for a drink but I encouraged him to meet the friend he’d had on standby.

What do you think he thought of you?

That I’m bossy. Guilty as charged . . . I am. I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings when I said I was usually attracted to younger men.

So many guys my age are past it. Men in their 30s are interested in ‘Mrs Robinson’ women like me.

Would your friends like him?

I couldn’t care less what my friends think. As a rule, a guy has to be very special before I’d introduce him to my closest friends.

JAKE, 67 

Single for a year, no children.

Dating Past?

I was married at 22 and it lasted three months — we fell out on our honeymoon. I never remarried and I split up with my most recent ex a year ago.

I’ve got a lovely home, a holiday lodge and a respectable car — I miss having someone special to share it all with.

Pre-Date Nerves?

No, I’m pretty confident — I’m always happy to play a few tunes on the piano in front of people. But I’m not dating for a laugh. The old clock is ticking.

First Impressions?

Jan reminded me of Su Pollard from the TV series Hi-de-Hi! She had these big colourful glasses and fine, wispy hair, and her fringe was stuck to her forehead.

Jake, 67, pictured has been single for a year and has no children. He is a retired fish and chip shop owner



Widowed in 2005. Single for two years, no children. 


Retired business analyst, now part-time model.


A smart and opinionated man — I like to be challenged intellectually. I also want to find someone who can be both my lover and my best friend.


Single for a year, no children.


Retired fish and chip shop owner.


A woman who likes a laugh and a drink, plus enjoys luxury travel and going on cruises. I’m not looking for anybody with young children.

Easy To Talk To?

Jan had already started on the cocktails when I arrived, so I ordered a lager. While I had a couple of beers, she drank three-quarters of a bottle of wine during the meal.

Ten minutes after sitting down, her phone rang. She never asked me if it was OK to chat — apparently it was her model ‘husband’, who is gay. She said that mature models often couple up with someone they photograph well with.

Throughout the meal, Jan talked a lot about Jan.

Embarrassing Moments?

There were many, but the two that stand out are Jan repeatedly flicking her hair and rearranging our table so that she could take a selfie of the two of us.

Did Sparks Fly?

No. I’ve been on a few blind dates, and I’m usually good at them. When Jan told me she preferred her men to be younger, I did wonder why on Earth she had agreed to go on a date with me.

See her again?

No, she’s not my type. Out of politeness, I asked if she wanted to go on for a drink, but she said there was an M&S across the road and she wanted to do a bit of shopping before her train home.

What do you think she thought of you?

I asked if she wanted my number and she said no. Jan is being unrealistic if she thinks her romantic future lies with men in their 30s.

Would your friends like her?

The friends I’ve told about the date have been shocked — take that as a no.


LIKED? The cocktails.




LIKED? The food.



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