Who are baby Archie’s godparents?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s adorable son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, was born back in May 2019. He’s grown his own fan base since then, but even the most loyal of fans don’t know everything about the royal tyke. One bit of information that has been kept private until recently is who Archie’s godparents are.

Baby Archie was christened last July, but his parents decided to keep his godparents a secret, in breaking with royal tradition. The decision was met with backlash.

“A christening is a sacred, precious, family event and if Harry and Meghan want privacy that should be ok with the rest of us,” Princess Diana’s former secretary, Patrick Jephson, told Vanity Fair around the time of Archie’s christening. “But a christening is also a public declaration of faith and in the Church of England godparents are a matter of public record. So to make a point of denying the public even a respectful glimpse looks either naïve or manipulative, an odd way to protect the godparents, or indeed wee Archie.”

Royals typically have at least five godparents

The outlet speculated at the time that among Archie’s godparents (royals typically have at least five) would be Markle’s friends Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hills, and Prince Harry’s friend and mentor Mark Dyer. The Sunday Times recently revealed that Dyer is, indeed, one of Archie’s godparents. Prince Harry and Prince William’s nanny, Tiggy Pettifer, is also one of Archie’s godparents.

“They were both constants in Harry’s childhood and beyond,” a source told E! News. “They are fascinating choices of figures in Harry’s life that he will hope may keep Archie rooted somehow in the UK, as they relocate to North America.”

Prince Harry’s friend, Charlie van Straubenzee, is another one of Archie’s godparents. While it is likely the young royal has more godparents, only Pettifer, Dyer, and von Straubenzee have been confirmed so far.

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