Where to buy fireworks 2020: cheap deals at Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Tesco and Morrisons

BONFIRE Night won’t be the same this year due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions – but you’ll still be able to celebrate at home.

We’ve rounded up the cheapest fireworks available – from sparklers to finale boxes – from all the major supermarkets.

If you’re planning your own display, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old to purchase fireworks.

Most supermarkets are also only selling them in store only, rather than online.

In addition, you should check what regulations your local council has in force regarding fireworks.

In most cases, you'll need to be finished by 11pm – except on Bonfire Night where the cut-off is midnight, or New Year's Eve where displays can go on until 1am.

How do you safely light fireworks?

AS fireworks can be dangerous it is important to be very careful and take precautions on Bonfire Night:

  • Make sure that you’re buying your fireworks from somewhere reputable, for example: a supermarket or a specialist party retailer.
  • Do not buy fireworks if the boxes look like they’ve been tampered with or damaged.
  • Always read the packet carefully and make sure that the fireworks you buy are suitable for the place where you are going to set them off. Some fireworks can only be bought and used by professionals.
  • Just one person should be in charge of fireworks, and this person should be sober.
  • Always make sure you preparing in advance and in daylight.
  • You should light fireworks at arm’s length using a taper and stand well back.
  • Sparklers can reportedly get five times hotter than cooking oil – so never give them to a child under five and make sure to wear gloves when you light them.

However, not everyone likes fireworks, and animals are scared of them, so it would be a good idea to tell your neighbours if you're planning a display.

Find out how to keep pets calm with our top tips – or you could consider buying low-noise fireworks to help your furry friends.

You’ll also still need to follow current lockdown rules – meaning you can’t meet people outside your household, or invite friends over to celebrate.

It comes as most major firework events have been cancelled this year following the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here are the cheapest fireworks currently on sale:


Aldi fireworks are only available in stores, so you won't be able to buy them online.

The grocer has around 900 shops in the UK – use the online store finder tool to see where your nearest is.

Sparklers: £1.65 for ten sparklers (17p each)

Aldi offers ten 18-inch sparklers for £1.65, which works out at 17p each – the same price as what you'll pay at Lidl.

The supermarket says each sparkler should last 98 seconds.

Rockets: £9.99 for five large and seven medium rockets (83p each)

Aldi has the cheapest rockets we could find, with its Space Racer pack containing five large and seven medium rockets.

This means you get 12 in total, working out at 83p each.

Finale box: £39.99 for 132 shots

With this TNT Ultimate Finale fireworks, you'll get 132 rapid fire shots of fireworks.

It includes flashing strobing stars, which explode into blinking and flashing gold, green and various bright blues and reds.


Not all of Asda's fireworks range is available to view online, so you'll need to visit in person to see what the supermarket is stocking.

Use the Asda store finder tool to see where your nearest store is – but note that only larger stores are likely to have fireworks.

Sparklers: £1 for five sparklers (20p each)

Asda is selling packs of five fireworks for £1, which works out at 20p each.

The supermarket doesn't say how long each sparkler is, but each one should burn for 100 seconds.

Rockets: £6 for five rockets (£1.20 each) or two packs (ten sparklers) for £10 (£1 each)

The Sky Wizard pack of rockets comes in sets of five, with Asda promising mixed colours and effects for a colourful display.

Asda says this pack is ideal for smaller gatherings – perfect for keeping with on-going coronavirus restrictions.

Finale box: £40 for 36 shots

For a grand finale, the cheapest multi-fire kit Asda sells is its Dino Destruction box with 36 blasts.

The supermarket describes it as "large and powerful" and bursting with "colour, noise and effects".


Again, Lidl isn't selling fireworks online so you'll need to visit your nearest store to make a purchase.

Lidl has 800 shops in the UK – use the online store finder tool to see your nearest.

Sparklers: £1.99 for 12 sparklers (17p each)

Like Aldi, Lidl's giant sparklers also work out at 17p each with the supermarket selling a pack of 12 for £1.99.

Lidl doesn't say how long their sparklers are, or how long they burn for though.

Rockets: £7.99 for seven rockets (£1.14 each)

Lidl's Dyno Rockets come in a pack of seven, which works out at £1.14 each per rocket.

Each rocket creates multiple effects including white glitter and crackle, multi-coloured stars (red, blue, purple, lemon, green) plus silver fish.

Finale box: £24.99 for 40 shots

To finish your display, the Knight’s Quest's 40-shot firework box fills the sky with white glitter and multi-coloured star bursts.

Lidl says it lasts for 35 seconds.


You can find a full list of fireworks available at Morrisons on its website – but sadly it doesn't have pictures available.

Again, only larger stores are likely to have them in stock – find your nearest by using the store finder tool.

Sparklers: 50p for five sparklers (10p each) or three packs (15 sparklers) for £1 (6.7p each)

Morrisons has the cheapest sparklers we could find, working out at 6.7p each if you take advantage of its three packs for £1 offer.

Each sparkler measures 10-inches each, but the supermarket doesn't say how long they burn for.

Rockets: £6 for five rockets (£1.20 each) or two packs (ten rockets) for £10 (£1 each)

The Midnight Explorer pack comes with five rockets, working out at £1.20 each – or £1 each if you take up the two packs for £10 offer.

Sadly, Morrisons doesn't provide a description for these rockets.

Finale box: £20 for 63 shots

Morrisons' Dragon’s Den finale box contains a mammoth 63 shots, which is better value than similar fireworks in this round-up.

Again, the supermarket doesn't provide a description of what you can expect with this firework box.


Tesco isn't selling finale firework boxes this year, with the grocer focusing on low-noise bangers instead.

Use the Tesco store finder tool to see where your nearest shop is – again, only larger chains are likely to stock fireworks.

Tesco has around 4,000 branches in the UK.

Sparklers: £1 for five sparklers (20p each)

The cheapest sparklers from Tesco – its Platinum Sparklers – cost £1 for five.

Tesco doesn't say how long each one is, but the sparklers should burn for 1 minute and 15 seconds.

Rockets: £6 for five rockets (£1.20 each)

For rockets, the best value at Tesco is its Fantasia Rockets – and they're low-noise too.

These ones cost £6 for a pack of five and are packed with multi-coloured glitter, stars and lots of crackle.

Sainsbury's isn't selling fireworks this year, just like in 2019 when it banned the sale of them to help animals and anxious people.

We've rounded up everything you need to know about celebrating Bonfire Night at home.

It's set to be the coldest Bonfire Night in years with temperatures set to fall below -3C in some areas.

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