What’s Giving Oral Sex For The First Time Like? These 10 Stories Tell It Like It Is

My first time giving oral sex was in my childhood bedroom. This was particularly adorable because my parents haven’t gotten rid of my twin bed, so let’s just say — my last time giving oral sex was also in my childhood bedroom. It’s a great bed, though, and I’ve learned a ton in it (not just because I used to do my homework on it in high school). I love hearing about other people’s experiences as well, so I collected these stories about giving oral sex for the first time.

Oral sex is its own fun adventure. My first time learning about oral sex was at a sleepover, when I vowed to myself I’d never do a "blow-drier." When I learned the correct term, I decided I’d never do it all over again. Next, I tried it once and decided it wasn’t for me. Then, I did it a bunch more times and my feelings grew. Although, as Carrie Bradshaw once said, "It’s not my favorite thing on the menu, but you know, I’ll order it from time to time." Here’s the truth: Giving oral sex can be amazing. Others have had fantastic, funny, weird, and silly experiences giving oral for the first time, and their stories will make you laugh (or, at the very least, smile).

Read on to find 10 incredible stories of people’s first time performing oral sex.

1. A Burning Sensation

— Rose, 35

2. Strong Jaws

— Bentley, 19

3. Hot Cooking

— Micah, 45

4. An Unfair Deal

— Emily, 21

5. The Gag Effect

— Nina, 24

6. A Messy Situation

— Sydney, 26

7. The Cats

— Jordan, 26

8. Not A Bad Taste

— Brody, 24

9. Dangerous

— Hanna, 27

10. A Youth-Group Clan

— Nick, 24

As you can see, everyone’s first time is different. Whether you had an outrageous experience or you’ve never experienced giving oral sex, DW! As long as the sex you’re having (or not having) is safe and consensual, there’s no right way to feel good.

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