‘We’re unfairly mistaken for gang members because of our extreme tattooed faces’

Britain's most tattooed woman recently revealed she was mistaken for a gang member because of her ink.

Becky Holt, 35, said strangers instantly judge her because they perceive her face tatts as gang symbols.

And in the past, the Cheshire-based mum has even been turned away from nightclubs due to her extreme look.

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But Becky is not the only body art enthusiast mistaken for a violent criminal.

Below, we take a look at other individuals who have endured similar bias based on their appearance.

Jessy Kirkpatrick

Body modification fan Jessy Kirkpatrick, 27, has faced vitriol in recent years due to their jaw-dropping aesthetic.

The social media personality lives in Kansas, US, and stands out in the conservative state for having silicone horns on their forehead.

They also have stretched earlobes and big nostril blogs along with face and neck tattoos.

But like Britain’s most tattooed woman, people get the wrong impression of them, with some even accusing them of being a murderer.

Jessy told us: “People assume I’m a criminal, a satanist, rude, mean or heartless just for the way I look. People even judge me before I open my mouth.

“I used to babysit one of my friends’ children and once when I picked them up at school the parents assumed that I was a murderer and refused to let me near the group of parents and kids.

“I had to wait out near the street.”

Neon Demon

A manager of a pizza restaurant described being villainised for covering his body in ink.

The 29-year-old man, who calls himself Neon Demon, has been approached by strangers who ask “what is wrong with you”.

Others keep their distance because they fear he is in a gang and some of his family members even cut contact with him after he added designs to his face.

But speaking to Daily Star, he advised his critics: “Everyone is going through their own journey and life can be long and hard. Be kind and open-minded.

“Just because you may not approve, doesn't mean that person can turn back time or will just stop existing.

“People tell me I've ruined my life, but what should one reply to that?

“We may only move forward and try to live our lives the best we can, finding joy where we can and spreading love.

“I am happy with myself, who I am inside and out. Show love to others and love yourself.”

Chris Dalzell

Chris Dalzell is regarded as Ireland’s most tattooed man and ironically he has two infamous gang members tattooed on his back, Reggie and Ronnie Kray.

But despite the portrait piece, he is no criminal himself, despite what outsiders think.

He has 95% of his skin covered in more than 600 tattoos but some people treat him like a zoo animal.

The chef told us: “People take pictures of me without my consent in public and I don’t like that.

“I don’t pick up on it so much but my kids do. I have a wee stepson and he will say ‘Chris, that girl over there is taking pictures of you’.

“Anybody I speak to I say that I prefer if people come up and ask for photos. If people want a photo with me that’s fine but have one on my own and don’t do it without consent with my kids in it.”

Tobias Müller

Tobias Müller, 33, may look like a scary bloke with his “destroy everything” face tattoo and his split tongue but in reality he is a friendly zookeeper.

But those who don’t know him have threatened him for his extreme look while others have avoided him at all costs.

Speaking with us, Tobias, from Dortmund, Germany, said he has been incorrectly labelled as an “unemployed criminal on drugs”.

He added: “I get different reactions… Some people are interested and will ask about it or they will ask for a picture with me. But others react aggressively and they can be derogatory and insulting.

“Some are even fearful and they change sides of the street or change places on the train and things like that.

“I have such things regularly… On the street is mostly disgusted looks, gossip or stupid sayings from a distance.

“Then on the internet I get hateful comments and insults or puking emojis. I get insinuations or threats every week.”

Melissa Sloan

Welsh mum-of-two Mellissa Sloan, 46, has not exactly been mistaken for a gang member – but she has been considered a bank robber so we think that warrants a mention.

Melissa, who does DIY inkings, has also been barred from pubs, tattoos parlours and her kid’s school.

Speaking to Daily Star, she said: "When I walk into the bank they look at me like I'm going to rob the bank

"They're all scared. It feels like they think you're going rob them.

"I'm walking in and everyone just stays still and they're all frightened.

"As if I'd want to rob a bank anyway – I'd get noticed straight away."


Denmark man Remus, who has a split tongue, implanted horns and scalpel ears, has been spat at on the street for his body modifications.

And the 25-year-old said unimpressed parents, assuming the worst of him, cover their children’s eyes in horror.

Opening up about the discrimination, he told NeedToKnow.Online: “I’ve been spat on while sitting on the bus minding my own business.

“Online, I have comments telling me I should die, that I’ve ruined myself and that I’ll never be hired for a job."

But even though his loved ones are concerned about his choices, he added: “At the beginning, my family was very much against it and we would have lots of discussions.

“I didn’t really care – and I still don’t – about what my family thinks, as it’s my body, my decision.

“They still don’t like my modifications, but at this point they’ve stopped talking about it."


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