We test the best bank holiday cocktails, mocktails and more

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Our taste-test reveals the best drinks for the Platinum Jubilee weekend – without getting stuck in the kitchen. 

It’s the June bank holiday we’ve been waiting for. Now’s the time to kick back with friends and family and enjoy delicious foods and original drinks that’ll make it a weekend to remember. However, if you don’t want to get stuck in the kitchen mixing together endless glasses of something cold for guests, we recommend you order in the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for 2022 now and enjoy the extra time lazing about as you please. 

We’ve carefully compiled and tasted the best proseccos, rosés, wine boxes, beers, ciders, gins and pre-mixed cocktails you could ever need along with excellent 0% alcohol alternatives to keep your mixology interesting. With special Platinum Jubilee editions and wine and beer from across Britain, including Scottish vodka and London-based aperitifs, it’s a celebration of artisan producers big and small. Discover your new favourite drink here… 

  • The thinking-person’s cocktail in a can

    Moth Jubilee Drinks

    “I’m such a convert to these little tins of excellence. They look amazing and the cocktails inside (we tried the mojito, margarita, espresso martini and old fashioned – all for the sake of investigative journalism, you understand) all totally hit the spot. Who needs speakeasy bars when these are available? An absolute must-buy for summer 2022.”

    Shop Moth Cocktails (£39 for 12) at Moth

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  • The English summer rosé

    Folc Jubilee Drinks

    “This dry and fruity rosé is as impressive as the bottle it comes in. Best served chilled, this multi-award-winning wine contains hints of peach, cranberry and grapefruit, making it the perfect accompaniment to a salad or light summer meal. It’s also made in England, making it the ideal Jubilee tipple.”

    Shop Folc Rosé (£20.99) at The English Vine


  • Vermut Rosé Lustau Jubilee Drinks

    “Channel some Spanish vibes with this rosé vermouth. We picked an early spring evening, served it up with rosemary crackers, olives and mixed it with ginger ale – and it was delicious.”

    Shop Vermut Rosé Lustau (£9.99) at Waitrose Cellar

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  • Summer wine finds

    Madame F Jubilee Drinks

    “Delicate yet fruity, a chilled glass of Madame F is exactly what you want from a post-work refreshment on a sunny day. It’s made to be enjoyed among friends and the softer palate makes it perfect to pair with white-rinded cheeses such as camembert and brie for the ultimate cheeseboard experience. Even better, Madame F was created in collaboration with LGBTQ+ charity Queer Britain and sales support the nation’s first LGBTQ+ museum.”

    Shop Madame F mixed case of three (£36) at Amazon

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  • Whisky cocktail anyone?

    The Macallan Garden of Legacy Jubilee drinks

    “The Macallan Garden of Legacy is a summer recipe with legs, combining 40ml Macallan 12 Years Old Double Cask single malt, 30ml pink grapefruit juice, 10ml sugar syrup, a pinch of sea salt and then finished with soda water. Potent-but-refreshing, it’s the ideal summer cocktail to mix up before guests arrive.”

    Shop The Macallan 12-Year-Old Double Cask (£60) at The Macallan

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  • A mixologist in your kitchen

    Soho Street Cocktails Jubilee Drinks

    “As a true lover of the espresso martini, I have tried and failed many a time to recreate the silky smooth and perfectly balanced version found in my favourite bars. It’s much harder than it looks. However, this might just be my new go-to – I was so impressed. If you own a cocktail shaker, pour 150ml over some ice as this is best served chilled, shaken then poured in your favourite martini glass. It’s creamy, smooth and very fresh with an impressively frothy top. Pair a glass or two with some juicy British raspberries while you indulge in this very delicious cocktail at home or in the garden – and obviously with the girls.”

    Shop the Soho Street Cocktails Espresso Martini (£28) at Drink Supermarket

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  • The elevated sparkling wine

    Pommery Jubilee Drinks

    “What better way to celebrate than by popping open the first English sparkling wine produced by a champagne house? Made in Hampshire, using chardonnay and pinots noir and meunier, Louis Pommery England by Vranken Pommery is crisp and fresh, with notes of zesty lemon and tart green apples. Perfect for summer, it’s light, refreshing and best served straight up – this one’s too good to mix. Pair it with afternoon tea to counteract the sweetness, or go all out with grilled Scottish langoustines and a lemony mayo.”

    Shop Louis Pommery English Brut NV Sparkling Wine (£29) at The Champagne Company

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  • Hangover-free prosecco

    Pale Fox Non-Alcoholic Sparkling wine Jubilee Drinks

    “I swear I’m allergic to prosecco and champagne (a red rash creeps up my neck and I feel very drunk very fast) so I’d sort of given up on them until I tried Pale Fox, which is alcohol-free. Light, crisp and full of bubbles, this is a real summer find.”

    Shop Pale Fox Prosecco (£25.95) at Pale Fox

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  • The fruit juice alternative

    Gusto Jubilee Drinks

    “It really annoys me when I go out to parties and there’s nothing to drink apart from cartons of juice and a flat Diet Coke so now I’m investing in Gusto wherever I go. Serving up everything from Cherry Cola to Sicilian Lemon Yuzu and Blood Orange flavours, these are refreshing, old-school taste sensations.”

    Shop Gusto drinks (£25.99 for 12) at Gusto

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  • Aperitif hour English style

    Ridgeview Wine Blanc De Blanc Jubilee Drinks

    “I bunged this bottle of English sparkling wine in the freezer for a couple of hours before cracking open with a bunch of friends. Refreshing and worryingly moreish, it’s the perfect aperitif offering for these long, warm evenings when you want something cold and fizzy to undo the stress of commuting. It’s made for drinking alongside a can of Perello olives and thick-cut crisps. The drink may be English but it’s crying out for the continental treatment.”

    Shop Ridgeview Blanc De Blanc (£60) at Ridgeview

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  • A trio of summer vodkas

    Grey Goose Essences Jubilee Drinks

    “Fresh, fruity and oh-so natural! Grey Goose has really bottled-up summer with these new delightfully refreshing new flavours. Having tried all three, it was hard to decide on a clear favourite, but as a classic vodka lime gal, I think the floral yet citrusy White Peach and Rosemary came out on top. Best served over ice with tonic garnished with a strawberry, peach or crisp slice of watermelon to complement your chosen flavour.”

    Shop Grey Goose Essences (Strawberry & Lemongrass, Watermelon & Basil and White Peach & Rosemary, £33 each) at Waitrose

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  • The go-to mixer for summer

    Double Dutch Jubilee Drinks

    “Double Dutch produces the tonic for Soho House globally, so I was expecting a lot from this tonic. Mixing the Cucumber & Watermelon flavour with a classic gin, I was not disappointed; it gives that perfect edge to a good G&T but also a taste of light fruit.”

    Shop Double Dutch drinks (from £1.89) at Drink Supermarket

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  • The summer gin

    Penrhos Spirits Apple & Elderflower Jubilee Drinks

    “Tasting this apple and elderflower flavour, I couldn’t help but think ‘if the Brambly Hedge mice drank gin – I think this would be it’.” Filled with apple notes and served over plain tonic and lots of ice, you’ll find me happily snoozing under the nearest hedgerow this summer.” 

    Shop Penrhos Spirits Apple & Elderflower Gin (£35) at Penrhos 

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  • A proper toasting wine

    Nyetimber Jubilee Drinks

    “A classic blend of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes – the three main varieties used in champagne – this limited-edition patriotic bottle from award-winning English sparkling specialists Nyetimber is deliciously crisp and more than holds its own against its French counterparts. A fine fizz to toast Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne (and an extra day off work).”

    Shop Nyetimber Platinum Jubilee Classic Cuvee MV (£37.50) at nyetimber.com


  • Tasty cider for the sunshine

    Brothers Cherry Bakewell Jubilee Drinks

    “English cider that tastes like Bakewell tarts? Hell yes, is my answer. And it was a really lovely cider that worked incredibly well with a barbecue of veggie kebabs and sausages in the sun. Fruity, subtle and uplifting.”

    Shop Brothers Cherry Bakewell Cider (£23.99 for 12) at Drink Supermarket

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  • A buzz without the booze

    Sentia Jubilee Drinks

    “Reading Sentia’s description “a truly functional alcohol alternative” blew my mind, but thanks to its botanical ingredients, it triggers the best bits of a drink (feeling sociable and relaxed) with none of the downsides. Serving it straight over ice took a little getting used to but then… I was converted. I think it’s going to be a grower.”

    Shop Sentia Red (£16) at Sentia Spirits

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  • Fun summer cocktails in a can

    Funkin Peach On The Beach Jubilee Drinks

    “These fun new flavours from Funkin Cocktails are ideal if you’re planning on spending the Jubilee weekend outside with friends. Not only are they scarily easy to drink, but both the Strawberry Daiquiri and Peach On The Beach flavours are infused with nitrogen, which allows them to retain the freshly made texture you’d find at a bar.”

    Shop Funkin Nitro Cans (£24 for 12) at Funkin Cocktails

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  • For the perfect old fashioned

    Speyburn Jubilee Drinks

    “I’ve always been a bit scared of whisky, but since I’m a fan of an old fashioned, this is sheer madness on my part. So with friends coming round, I upped the welcome drinks by mixing up a line of OFs with 50ml Speyburn, 10ml of sugar syrup, two dashes of Angostura bitters then stirred them all together straining over ice. It was amazing. I am literally Don Draper and my guests were VERY impressed.”

    Shop Speyburn Single Malt Whisky at Speyburn (£32) at Sainsbury’s

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  • The British spritz

    Doppelgänger Aperitivo Jubilee Drinks

    “Describing itself as the English answer to Aperol, this aperitif scratched that itch perfectly. I made it the same way I would a Campari and soda, filling three-quarters a glass then topping off with soda and a slice of orange and serving it up with olives and cashew nuts. Friday night-tastic.”

    Shop Doppelgänger Aperitivo (£21.50) at Doghouse Distillery

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  • A gin with elegance

    Silent Pool Jubilee Drinks

    “I struggle with flavoured gins and always opt for a classic with plain Fevertree tonic (I know, I know) but this limited-edition gin hit the right spot with surprising notes of grapefruit. I went wild and used a slice of cucumber instead of lime, and it really was a delight.”

    Shop Silent Pool Gin Platinum Celebration Edition (£45) at Silent Pool

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  • The picnic essential

    Courtesy of brand

    “Forget wine in a bag, box or can. Just in time for picnic season, When In Rome’s Rosato has a zippy acidity, and comes in a bottle made from 94% recycled paper. Not only does it have serious eco-credentials, with a carbon footprint 84% lower than a single-use glass bottle, it’s light, delicious and absolutely made to be enjoyed alfresco with supermarket tapas of crisps, dips and charcuterie. It’s never been easier to pop a bottle in your bag and go.”

    Shop When In Rome wine (£10.99 each) at When In Rome

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  • Caribbean spiced rum

    Diablesse Rum Jubilee Drinks

    “The rum is 100% natural, flavoured with fresh coconut and floral hibiscus with notes of frangipane and maraschino cherries. It’s naturally flavoured with clementine and a warm Caribbean spice mix of vanilla pod, ginger, cinnamon and clove. The rum tastes extremely smooth, with sweet and smoky notes. I tried the rum out with both slimline and elderflower tonic and ginger ale as mixers. And in my opinion, I would say that it works very well as a sweet yet refreshing drink over ice with slimline tonic or some ginger ale and a wedge of lime.”

    Shop Diablesse Coconut and Hibiscus Rum (£32) at Diablesse

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  • The ultimate gin for the sunshine

    Courtesy of brand

    “You know summer is here when Sipsmith’s Strawberry Smash gin arrives. Bringing together all the best bits of the season, I love serving this subtle take on a classic in a large tumbler with fresh strawberries to friends; it seems to make them think I’m a lot more talented at mixing drinks than I actually am.” 

    Shop Sipsmith Strawberry Smash Gin 2022 (£29) at Sipsmith

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  • Barley vodka for a slight twist

    X MUSE Jubilee Drinks

    “This barley vodka, inspired by the spirit-making traditions of Scotland, starts off like most other high-quality voddies (smooth, vaguely detectable) before leaving an almost whisky-ish aftertaste. For any Portuguese drink fans, it smells a little like aguardente – except that this is grain-based rather than grape-derived. Keep in the fridge and pour over ice for a straight, strong but refreshing tipple, or use to make a slightly more interesting vodka martini (whether you have it dirty or dry is up to you).”

    Shop X Muse (£55) at X Muse

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  • 100% natural non-alcoholic sparkler

    Sprigster Jubilee Drinks

    “Sprigster Fizz is the perfect alternative to champagne and prosecco, and it’s particularly good for cocktail hour when you want the sensation of an evening starting but don’t want to go straight to the hard alcohol. Filled with botanicals, I mix and match it with flavoured tonics and soda (cucumber and elderflower ones are especially good) for mocktails that impress.”

    Shop Sprigster Fizz Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Botanical Infusion (£15) at Sprigster Drinks

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  • Alcohol-free aperitif hour

    Crodino Jubilee Drinks

    “For non-drinkers, one of the hardest flavours to replicate is that sweet-bitter blend you find in the likes of Aperol and Campari. Thankfully, the Italians have our backs once again with non-alcoholic aperitivo Crodino. Refreshingly citrusy and complex, it’s been a favourite in Italy since 1965 but only recently arrived on these shores. Serve over ice with a slice of orange and some fennel-seed taralli for snacking. Patriotic? Not so much, but when it tastes this good I’m sure HM will let us off.”

    Shop Crodino (£5.95 for three) at amazon.co.uk


  • A seriously delicious drink-free rum

    Caleno Jubilee Drinks

    “I find it really difficult to enjoy alcohol-free spirits and wines, but this rum from Caleño is something else to behold. Filled with the taste of coconut, vanilla and pineapple, it’s the perfect base for tropical punches and cocktails and something I truly look forwards to drinking.”

    Shop Caleño Dark & Spicy (£32) at Caleño

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  • Dry Martinis at your fingertips

    Nio Dry Martini Jubilee Drinks

    “How to win friends and influence people? Well, I arranged to meet friends in the park as the sun went down and I don’t think anyone has been so pleased to see me and my four pre-made cocktails (a gin dry martini, a cosmopolitan, Tommy’s margarita and a gimlet). Bring ice, proper glasses and revel in the nearest thing to a cocktail bar in a box.”

    Shop Dry Martini Cocktail Box (£29) at Nio

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  • Wine aromatics without the alcohol

    Blurred Vines Sharp and Spark Jubilee Drinks

    “Made from active plant ingredients, the idea behind Spark (an alternative to rosé) and Sharp (a swap for white) is that the adaptogens will leave you feeling either buoyant or right in the moment. I tentatively tried both, but sitting in the sun and letting them wash over me – they were a tasty, note-filled alternative to wine without any of the bad bits.”

    Shop Blurred Vines Sharp + Spark (£33) at The Three Spirits Drinks

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  • The perfect artisan craft beer

    Barnaby’s Jubilee Drinks

    “Sustainably brewed in South Devon and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, this is a really lovely light and organic craft ale that’s perfect for summer drinking giving a taste that’s similar to the first beer you have on holiday. I am so converted to their beers now.”

    Shop Barnaby’s Craft Beer from 26 May (£29.95 for 12 bottles) at Riverford Organic

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  • A cream tea in a bottle

    Cotswolds Gin Jubilee Drinks

    “This limited-edition gin from The Cotswold Distillery is infused with strawberries, raspberries and vanilla for a sweet and jammy serve. Pour over ice and garnish with fresh strawberries for a fruity summer spin on a G&T. The regal purple label is a nice touch, too.”

    Shop The Cotswolds Distillery Platinum Jubilee Gin (£34.95) at Majestic


  • Wine for festivals, picnics and beyond

    Nice Boxed Wine Jubilee Drinks

    “A box that stays fresh for six weeks? I am definitely in. Although it is also a smart buy for meeting friends in the sunshine. Available in white, rosé and red, we tried the white and it was the perfect balance of fruity and dry without the dreaded tartness. Big thumbs up from us all in the park.”

    Shop Nice Boxed Wine (£21.50) at Nice Drinks

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  • A tasty gin filled with orange

    Edinburgh Gin Jubilee Drinks

    “Gin with orange – just the most delightful drink you can have in my opinion. It’s given added buoyancy with a hint of basil, so we drank it with slices of juicy orange, ice and tonic basking in the taste of summer.”

    Shop Edinburgh Gin Orange & Basil Gin (£28) at John Lewis

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  • The alcohol-free beer you’ve been looking for

    Days Beer Jubilee Drinks

    “I’m a huge fan of alcohol-free beers and enjoy Big Drop and Erdinger’s offerings – I’m happy to report that Days is bringing some good stuff to the market. Malty and refreshing, I want to be on a beach at sundown enjoying these as the surf rolls in.”

    Shop Days beer (from £25 for 12) at Days

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  • Easy drinking rosé

    Mirabeau Jubilee Drinks

    “If you’re on the lookout for a fresh new rosé to toast the long bank holiday weekend, may we recommend Maison Mirabeau’s smooth and elegant Côtes de Provence. While some wines are designed to be enjoyed after maturing in a dusty cellar for several years, rosé is best drunk young and this 2021 variety is gloriously aromatic, delicate and fruity on the palate, and just the right level of easy-drinking.”

    Shop Maison Mirabeau Classic (£12.99) at Waitrose


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