WATCH | Discover The Honey Pot

Meet Beatrice Dixon. After suffering with bacterial vaginosis for almost a year, her grandmother came to her in a dream with a vision for how to heal herself. And you know what? It worked.

Then she started thinking, what if this could work for others too? And now The Honey Pot is helping all humans with vaginas solve what other brands won’t with an incredible line of products.

Creating feminine care powered by herbs has become Beatrice’s passion. She strives for excellence with customers and partners—and she is grateful for every moment. “I’m honored to be a Black woman, to have these opportunities. I feel honored to help to change how humans think about their vagina,” she says.

From washes and wipes to herbal menstrual pads and tampons, you can design your own personalized vaginal wellness that targets your unique needs. And you can find her products easily at your local Target or shop online.

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