Want Your Instagram Top Nine? Here’s How To Find Your Best Nine Photos For 2018

2018 is quickly drawing to a close and everyone is looking back on the year they had in life, work, and on social media. Sometimes, you just want to know what did well or what people liked the most from your life — and of course, there’s an app for that. You may have noticed a lot of people posting their top nine or best nine photos from Instagram for the year, and the obvious question is — how did they do that?

Well, wonder no longer. Here is all the information you need to know in order to figure out how to get your top nine Instagram shares for 2018.

Some people may not want to look back on their 2018, as it might not have been the best year. There were issues with the political world. Numerous celebrity deaths ended up filling the news sites time and time again. 2018 brought a number of things which a lot of people simply don’t want to relive once more. On the other hand, many others had a wonderful 2018, and would like to reflect upon their memories.

There may have been some great moments from your life that happened in 2018 — and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to celebrate one more time. That’s why you need to know how to see which of your Instagram moments, and pictures, were the top favorites of all those who follow you — and your life.

One of the ways that you can get your own best nine Instagram photos of 2018 is to go to the site 2018bestnine. It appears they started it last year, and have since purchased the 2018 URL and simply redirected it.

This one is really simple and it doesn’t require you to do anything but provide your Instagram ID. There is no registration or phone number or email required for you to get your best nine.

  • Go to 2018bestnine.com — again, it will redirect for 2018.
  • Type in your Instagram ID and click “GET.”
  • Give it a minute or two to generate your collage.
  • Save the photo once it generates, and post it to Instagram. There is also the option to share it on Facebook and Twitter as well.

There are some other options to get your top pics of 2018, and one of the better ones is the “Top Nine for Instagram 2018.” You can either go to topnine.co — or download the app for either iOS or Android devices.

Head to the site, or app, and input your Instagram username to generate your top nine for 2018. It’s another simple process — and you can have it ready for your social media sites in almost no time at all.

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